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High Passing Rates Indicate That There Are Easy Ways To Pass The GED Test

Updated on August 20, 2019
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Winnie is an expert test taker and advisor at GED Study Guide in Test Prep Toolkit.

Earn Your GED Diploma Without A Long and Tricky Test Prep

If there’s an easy way out, why not take it? You don’t have to place unnecessary burden on yourself, right?

So what if there’s an easy way to pass the GED test? Without cheating, that is. Yes, you can do it via some effective preparation tips and techniques, and they are the following:

Stay in school longer before taking the GED test. You might be contemplating on dropping out of high school right there and then and take the GED test. But if you can, stay in school until the end of the semester or the school year. It will benefit your taking the GED. Why? Because as a high school equivalency exam, the GED will measure the skills and knowledge you’ve learned in high school. The know-how you’ve gained while in school would still be fresh in your wits, thus it’ll be easier to master them and you wouldn’t need to study for the GED exam. Learning the challenging topics and subject matter from your teacher would be easier instead of studying them (on your own) via test prep books or classes.

Learn from the world around you. You can learn valuable facts and ideas from the real world surrounding you. Materials that you’ve encountered in your day-to-day interactions can easily sink in than reading from books or attending test prep classes. For instance, if you want to work on your reading speed and comprehension, you can read for pleasure. You can be familiar with topics in Social Studies by watching the news and be an adept in Science by learning it in your backyard or your kitchen. Everyday challenges in Math can be rigorous though, but you can study for the subject by applying the formulas that you have tackled in high school.

Take a preparation class. By way of preparation courses, you can study for the GED with less effort. You’ll be able to inculcate and master valuable test-taking skills. Another benefit is that you’ll be able to get accustomed to certain materials in the test. Various districts in the US require their learners to sign up for preparatory courses prior to taking the GED. The GED Testing Service has in fact indicated that 6 out of the 10 testing centers with the highest passing rates mandate learners to take a preparation course before qualifying to get the test.

Take practice tests. Practice testing can help ascertain your skills and knowledge and how you are likely to fare in the real test. It will also help you determine if you’re tackling your test prep at the right pace. Initially take a practice test before your test prep so you can obtain a baseline score. Then take another after every few days to acclimatize you to the materials covered in the test along with its structure and format. Practice test in ways that are similar to the actual testing environment. Do it in a location with less distractions and time yourself according to the designated time limits of the real test. Taking sufficient practice tests can even help you decipher a pattern in the said exam. Pay attention to the questions that you tend to miss. Is it the topic of Geometry that you need to hone? Or do your comprehension skills need improvement?

Is the GED hard or easy? The GED Testing Service has reported that 77% of learners who took it for the first time earlier in the decade were able to pass. The test boasts of a high passing rate. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t get complacent. There may be an easy way to pass the GED test, but nothing beats proper preparation just to be sure.

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