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Hindi Language Learning Tips

Updated on January 24, 2013

Learn Common Hindi Expressions Video

Learning Basic Hindi

There are many helpful strategies to help learn basic Hindi. One of the most obvious is to get a very good language learning program, that way someone else has done the heavy lifting of designing the most efficient programs for learning the language quickly. This is part of the reason that programs like Rosetta Stone and Rocket Language Learning are both so popular.

Hindi is a far different language from English and Western languages, which is part of what can make it such a challenge. The alphabet is also far different, meaning learning to speak Hindi could be a lot easier for many people than learning to read and write it. Keep this in mind, and try to find a system or program where you're looking at pictures of the word being spoken as you listen and learn. Engaging more than one sense at a time gives you a much better shot at retaining the language than not.

Another great tip for learning Hindi is to concentrate early on Hindu phrases that you're interested in or know you'll use. If that means you want to know how to say "Two beers, please," or "Any good parties going on?" then add these to the list of phrases you want to learn. You're more likely to learn phrases and words that interest you, and that learning is likely to stick with you easier. Learning the phrases you're most likely to use is also a great way to go to learn the Hindi language.

Obviously complete immersion is the best way to learn any type of language quickly, but if you are trying to learn Hindi ahead of any visit, then it's important to find a native speaker who might be willing to work with you. College campuses should be an easy place to find a student willing to tutor you for a reasonable rate and help teach you the language. Not only will they help with vocabulary and pronunciation, but hearing a native dialect and being able to make a friend and learn about the culture is just bonus.

Finally, look at getting involved with some culturally related activities. Find some Bollywood movies, take an Indian cooking class, or get involved in some other way. There are many ways to get exposed to more Hindi Culture, and this is only going to help in understanding the language and getting more out of the experience of learning Hindi.

As one final note (I know, I already said finally, so consider this a PS) studies have shown that after an intense workout the memory parts of the brain are far more functional for the following 45 minutes than at any other time. So if you're really stuck or struggling, hit the books hard for an hour after working out and then take that well deserved shower. It's only going to help!

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    • sharnas profile image

      sharnas 6 years ago from stay in Dubai . ( INDIAN- KERALA )

      You are taken effort is very appreciatably. I am an indian. But not native Hindi Speaker. Your hub is very intersting and useful.

    • jainismus profile image

      Mahaveer Sanglikar 5 years ago from Pune, India

      Nice article, but please read which will clear some misconceptions about Hindi language

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 3 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

      This is an interesting hub for anyone who is planning a trip to India. Surprisingly, the study of Hindi has not generated near as much interest at that of Chinese Mandarin. Could that be because English is spoken by so many Indians as a second language and people just don't feel the need to learn Hidi? Voted up as sharing with followers.

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