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Historic Stamps from Polish Government in Exile Period 1945 Poczta Polska

Updated on July 12, 2018

Poczta Polska

It is my understanding that the Poczta Polska stamps were used during a period of exile. Great Britain had the Polish government in Exile and is it true that these stamps were used to correspond with Polish ships during WW2?

Is it also true that the stamps that say Poczta Polska are the older stamps, and the stamps that are later, only say Polska?

At any rate, I have a few to research and probably sell. Do you know where to sell them?

Selling Stamps

How does one go about selling stamps that they obtain?

I was advised to sell them on eBay, since there are collectors lurking there. So, that is what I plan to do, one at a time. The collection of stamps that we obtained in an auction, were nestled in the back of a drawer, behind the divider. Apparently, they were lost, and we discovered them purely by accident.

So, you benefit from my inexperience. Here are photos of some of the stamps we have. They are all canceled and removed from their envelopes.

Any Advice?

Do you, dear reader, have any expert advice to give me in terms of selling these types of stamps?

Feel free to comment below.

Historical Data on Origination of Stamps

It is my understanding that these stamps were used during an exile, to mail correspondence to ships used in WWII.

The stamps originated from the WWII era, when the Polish Government was exiled to Great Britain. Since someone else has written about them, I cannot post actual details of what I learned.

I just know that I have several hundred stamps in my possession and intend to sell them to new or old collectors, or, perhaps I won't.

Stamp Community

I signed up to be a part of a stamp community forum. I thought that it would be beneficial to get some actual real help from real people.

I'm currently waiting for my sign up email. Okay. Days later. Am now officially a member. I posted my "Hi I'm new" post and explained my situation. I have an older collection that has sat idle for years. My children do not collect stamps, but perhaps my grandchildren may someday be interested.

Being Informed

The first step of selling stamps is to become informed. There seems to be two kinds of collectors and sellers and buyers. The people who have done this for a long time and, like any field of endeavor, know what they are presenting, know what you are presenting, know values, know the language of stamps.

The other kind of people, are like me. They see an old stamp and think, wow, I'm going to get rich selling these, since they are obviously rare and valuable. More valuable than any other stamp around.

Know what I mean? But, of course, my stamps are quite rare, and very valuable and should command top dollar. People will form lines and wait for days, just to obtain my stamps.

[Giggle...] This is where we laugh together. It's actually, more of a "it would be nice" situation.


I have been looking at the auctions on ebay and specifically looking at the prices for the products presented.

I have yet to find stamps that are identical to my own. Whether my key phrases are incorrect and I'm just not finding them. What I need is a list of the stamps that were available at the time and a check list to mark off what I currently possess.

Doesn't that sound like a lot of work? Wow!

Stamp Removal

Sometimes, a person has to remove the backing from old stamps. Like the envelope has been torn and you need to remove it from the stamp. Water works good. You fill up a tub and place your stamps in the tub of water.

Immerse the stamp and wait. Time is the factor. You wait until the water dissolves the glue that is used to hold the stamp to the paper. The old glue was water based and we all used to lick our stamps to put them on the envelope, so water is used to remove the stamps in reverse.

Stamp Removal Procedure

Immerse stamp and backing in warm water
Immerse stamp and backing in warm water
slip stamp off backing
slip stamp off backing
see, no damage
see, no damage
dry on paper toweling
dry on paper toweling

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