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Historical Lineage

Updated on August 3, 2015

Mayan Lineage

popo mayans
popo mayans | Source
Mayan temple
Mayan temple | Source

Historical Lineage

Historical Lineage

Thus far, we have discussed vitamins, raw foods, and oxygen in liquid, tank, and pre-mixed forms; including mixing chemicals as mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide.

So what does oxygen have to do with Historical Lineage? Everything that our DNA is made of thats what!

In addition to how we get oxygen, we have also embarked on DNA structure and how oxygen moves throughout our bodies, along with brain activities and oxygen activations.

The beneficial elements of Oxygen are undeniable in our DNA structure and genealogy. We are made of elements of 90% water (H20), which is the elemental component that is spilt by atomic energies to convert into Oxygen (02). We are by-products of our parental lineage (oh no, not the momma) just a little teaser to give you all a little chuckle; and by-products of what we eat, drink, and breathe. Chemicals react and respond to one another, therefore what we eat, breathe, smell, and drink and how our body is going to respond or react to one another with the chemical elements ( or These tests (DNA) are otherwise known as paternity tests to establish parental DNA.

When we think of our lineage or our heredity we normally just think about parental lineage, but what about our generational lineage? Where exactly do I come from? The generational lineage is far past and beyond our parents lineage. So where do we start looking? The answer is that we start with us, we go through finding our parents geography where born and to whom the people are born from, our grandparents, and so on and so on, until we have an ancestral tree. We could also have someone or an agency do that for us like (

Remember to keep in mind that you must and should document where your generational lineage of people has a generational geography of places of birth, that way you have a more accurate way of drawing a map of genealogy in a generational context. History is going to play a major role in your search for the generational lineage of your relatives or better said ancestors.

I will provide an example and a shortcut for you in regard to my generational lineage, as an example to use in your search that I used in finding out about my ancestry. I wanted to get the historical generational lineage first and foremost, by that, I mean the BC’s (Before Christ) that I could trace in my ancestry.

I thought about my grandparents, where they were born and where they grew up, of course the history of conquests and wars that they may have endured where central; and immediately I thought of what happened in history when the Americas was faced with conquests of Cowboys, Indians, and the influx of gold miners in search of gold in California and in establishing territorial settlements, and moving through the western frontiers.

It also was apparent that I had to look at the wars between nations, before starting on this adventure and discovery of having traced the beginnings of my ancestral tree. This was a pivotal point in drawing more conclusions as to the places of trade and who were the competing rulers in the BC era.

My ancestors were descendants from the Americas where wars transpired with the Spanish conquest; and the Spanish invasion of Puerto Rico, and Mexico. I envisioned the Spanish Conquistadors as they traveled by boat, and land on horseback into the areas of my ancestor’s homeland. Columbus discovered America but the American Indians were there before his arrival, who actually received him were Indians who established there home and lived in the Americas until present day, they were present to assist Christopher Columbus, as a friendly visiting foreigner (Columbus & Crew) arrived on Plymouth Rock.

Thus far, the English still had not conquered the Americas; but, were in heavy competition with the Spaniards and French.

There was also a lot of competition in creating a lasting monument like those that were in Egypt, with the remarkable Pyramids and Monolith’s lasting tributes; this was part of the historical mindset of royals of the time. So after thinking about routes and just how they must have traveled or traded for goods and food; I came up with the Pyramids as a central point of interest and the Oceans that surround the areas of my descendants.

The result was the Yucatan Peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Caribbean Coast. My reasoning is simply that from the plains there where the Pyramids of Central points were there must have been trades and they could be seen for miles.

It must have been with spectacular grandeur that the Mayan and Azteca pyramids must of stood some 7,000 miles above sea-level and 3,100 miles wide, imagine the scene. Pyramids Golden and shimmery limestone (a huge battery conductor) that could be seen for miles, especially the visuals of a clear landscape with only lush trees and valleys that laid bare the shiny speckled limestone that served as the staircase and huge slabs of rock of monumental proportions the spectacle of the Mayan or Azteca Pyramids. It houses the magical 260 energies of the Mayan Tzolkin, aka: the Harmonic module; which powered the interesting and fascinating elements of this monument ( The Tzolkin is the foundational energy system that the Mayan fused within its calendar and inspired its mathematician’s to construct other monolithic structures within its walls. It was and has served as a beacon to every foreign arrival or visitor who must have seen it from the sea.

Back in history the only outposts or markets to trade goods were in the areas of greatest interest closest to the sea, and in international marketplaces, so the pyramids were a fitting central point for a marketplace, not to mention a visual spectacle to the population and foreign visitor.

Then I focused on the areas where my grandparents were from and born, this geography was a tracer. As I further looked at the geography and looked at maps to locate the closest ocean or sea, writing it down, and pinpointing the closest pyramid, writing the name of it down. I had a broader picture of where my ancestors were derived from. In studying historical conquests of the Spanish, English, and French where the conquering of the Americas and Latin America this was historically, etched in time, I could assuredly place the Spanish conquistadors in both the Americas, Puerto Rico and in Mexico and some of the islands of the coasts of Latin America where they invaded the land by sea.

My result was beyond the BC era my ancestors where the Mayan Indian’s and Taino Indians who were the main first-line of lineage during the BC era. I arrived at the America’s ancestry through the invasion and conquering of and during the Spanish inquisition in Mexico and in Puerto Rico, this was a second or third-line lineage that was traced during the Spanish conquest.

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