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History of England: The Great Fire of London

Updated on November 5, 2017

Great Fire Of London What Happened?

Have you ever heard about the great fire of London that took year in 1666? If you haven't then this article is for you. We will be telling you what caused the fire, when did it start, when did it end, what effect it had on the people, and other important facts.

The Great Fire

The fire started at 1am on Sunday morning on September 2nd in Thomas Farrinerses bakery on Pudding Lane. There is no actual answer on how the fire started but sources say that " It may have been caused by a spark from his oven falling onto a pile of fuel nearby." At the time London was very dry after a long, hot summer.

Effects Of The Fire

The fire was massive. It destroyed about 70,000 homes out of 80,000 inhabitants of the city. But luckily only six people out of hundredths that were there, died in the fire. The fire was spreading faster and faster. The owner of the bakery claimed that he put out the fire before leaving the bakery, but after three hours at one in the morning his whole house was on fire and it quickly spread. For three days the fire was spreading through the streets of London.

How Much Did It Burn Down?

The Amount That The Fire Burnt Down
The Amount That The Fire Burnt Down

How Did The Fire Spread?

The fire spread quickly because most of the houses were made out of wood, and roofs were made out of thatch which burned very easily. The houses were also built very close to each other so the fire could reach from one building to another very easily. The wind also helped the fire spread out because the wind blew the fire to the other buildings.

Thomas Farriner

Thomas Farriner wanted to make one thing clear, that was that it wasn't his fault for the cause of the fire. Thomas joined a backer's company in 1637, and had his own shop in 1649. Most likely what happened was that Thomas Ferriner didn't put out the fire properly in his bakery, which caused a little spark to hit a source of fuel. Which made the whole bakery set on fire.

What Do You Think About The Great Fire Of London?


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