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History of Daniel Boone

Updated on May 23, 2018
Daniel Boone died on the bottom floor in the room with the windows on the right of the door.
Daniel Boone died on the bottom floor in the room with the windows on the right of the door. | Source

Daniel Boone was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, and left his mark in Virginia, the Carolinas, (especially Boone, North Carolina,) throughout Kentucky and Missouri. He was said to be a huge prankster. There is also said to be a hunting cabin right on the campus of Appalachian State University. Daniel Boone actually died near Defiance, Missouri (in the house that is pictured here). The place where Daniel Boone called home, which was actually his son's home. Daniel Boone and his wife had a home in Missouri, but they apparently chose to spend their time at their son and daughter-in-law's house. There was a huge controversy, as Daniel Boone and his wife Rebecca's remains were moved from their grave in Missouri to their grave site in Kentucky. As they will tell you, during a tour of Daniel Boone's Home in Missouri; Daniel Boone felt ostracized from Kentucky and vowed to never return there. Yet, that is where their remains stay. Feel kind of bad that they are where they do not want to be. I am used to that myself.

(The picture you see here was the picture that I took when I visited Daniel Boone's Home. Daniel Boone died in the room to the right of these doors. The Home is a 200 year old testament to his legacy. It is located in the rolling hills of rural Missouri, which reflects the isolated landscape that Daniel Boone and his family experienced themselves in the 1800s. Within these thick limestone walls, stories of a daring man offer a glimpse into family matters, risky adventures and hard fought battles.)

The Old Peace Chapel

This chapel was built in New Melle, in the mid 1800s, which was originally used as a general store and dance hall. This church now resides near Daniel Boone's Home in Defiance, Missouri.

Churches on the frontier were uncommon, as most settlements were not large enough to support a full-time minister. Frontier families were largely Christian, and relied on circuit preachers to make their way to the villages. When a circuit preacher was in town, church became an all-day affair. Families would bring food and blankets, spending the time between services, socializing.

There is a clock that was built by a St. Louis clockmaker, Philip Pulhans in 1865. It is a Cathedral clock operating 3 clock movements. Made of wrought iron and brass, it is one of approximately only 100 pieces made by Pulhans. This one was donated from a monastery in northern California.

Most of the wood in the church is short-leaf pine, desirable for its reddish color and durability. It is a slow growth wood, and so is now very uncommon. The center plant running down the aisle, it is approximately 11 inches wide and runs the full length of the chapel at 34 feet. This gives you a good idea of the height and age of the tree when it was harvested.

It is quite a beautiful chapel. It reminds me of the small old churches in my father's home town of Notre Dame de Bois Canada. Where I spent lots of time during childhood summers.


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