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History of the United States 1660s -1763

Updated on February 13, 2012

Get Schoolless Credit.

This is a resource for those studying for the History of the United States I CLEP exam, or simply for those who love to study history. The History of the Unites States I CLEP exam covers U.S. history from early colonization to 1877. This lens is one in a series of lenses that will be developed.

How to Use This Lens

Study Chapter 4 of the college text book listed. Review any sections that you need to work on either in the book or the links provided. Additional recommended reading and lectures are provided to enhance your learning experience. Once you're comfortable with the material, move on to chapter 5.

The College Level Text Book You'll Need

This is the text book that we are using as a basis for the lectures and study guides. The resources here are not a substitute for reading, but rather to augment your studies. This is the book we are using in our study group, but feel free to substitute any college text book on the subject.



Parliament passes series of Navigation Acts to regulate imperial trade.


Charles II becomes king of England.


Halfway Covenant adopted by Massachusetts's clergy.


James II becomes king of England


Dominion of New England


Glorious Revolution in England; James II loses the throne.


William and Mary become English monarchs. Leisler's Rebellion begins in New York.


King Williams War in America


Witchcraft trials in Salem Massachusetts.


First French Settlement near mouth of Mississippi river


Iroquois adopt policy of neutrality toward France and Britain.


Queen Anne's War in America


San Antonio, Texas and New Orleans founded.


Jonathan Edwards leads religious revival in North Hampton, Massachusetts.


Great Awakening begins in Middle Colonies with George Whitefield's arrival.


King George's War in America


Seven Years' War in America


Spanish begin establishing mission in California.

Source: The American Journey

The Colonial Wars, 1689-1763 - Source: The American Journey

Click on the titles to read the Wikipedia articles.

Recommended Reading

The books listed here will help you delve further into the period covered.

Academic Lectures

You may have to download RealPlayer (it's free) to view these lectures.

Understanding The Enlightenment

George Washington marveled at the notion that America achieved its independence in a time when the rights of man were better understood, making its formation as a republic possible. This, of course, was a direct result of the Age of Enlightenment.

Professor Courtenay Raia's lectures give fascinating insight into the events and conditions that lead up to the Enlightenment, its major players, and the world we live in as a result.

Professor Courtenay Raia's Lectures 2 through 10

Professor Courtenay Raia's Lectures 11 through 20

One of the lectures wasn't on Youtube. I'll check back later for it.


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