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Hitlerjugend, The Key To The Nazi Power During World War 2

Updated on April 18, 2012

Hitlerjugend was the key to Hitlers Power During WW2

Many wonder how Hitler was able to persuade the Germans in World War II. An important key to this was the Nazi youth organization, the Hitlerjugend.

During the Nazi reign - from 1933 to 1945 - the German youth were exposed to an intense propaganda. All of Germany was ruled by the Nazi party's dogma, and the focus was on the youth. The school brainwashed students with Nazi ideas and they were subjected to a strong pressure on leisure time engaging in the Hitlerjugend.

Hitlerjugend is a key to understanding the Second World War. It was a scout-like Nazi youth movement whose aim was to unify the youth after Nazi ideals and to prepare them for military life. All similar youth movements that existed before the war was taken over by the Hitlerjugend movement.. Eventually, it became almost mandatory for young people to be active members of Hitlerjugend. Those who stood outside were not allowed access higher education and was often bullied by their peers - a bullying encouraged by the Hitlerjugend leaders.

The Indoctrination of Youth in Hitlerjugend

In Hitler Youth young people were indoctrinated to choose the "new" (ie, Nazism) in front of their parents' old and outdated "views and values. Everyone understands that this message went home with many teens. Especially as the consequences could be serious for the parents who tried to oppose.

So, especially "new" was now not the message of the hitlerjugend. It was mostly old conservative ideas which was mixed with indoctrination into blind obedience and worship of the leader, Adolff Hitler. According to the Hitlerjugend movement the girls should go dressed in a skirt and be submissive to men and boys. The boys, however, would be "hard as steel."


Hitlerjugend gave the kids strength and bravery

Hitler taught the young people that they belonged to a chosen nation and a chosen generation - that they were the crown of creation that would bring mankind to paradise. In Nazi vocabulary was conscious slippage between "humanity" and "the German nation." Paradise was the Nazi Millennium, which was promised by the Nazi leader Hitler, who was almost like a god in this bizarre cult.

When the war then broke out the German soldiers, who were indoctrinated and trained in the Hitlerjugend during their adolescence, was often superior to their opponents both at the motivation, training and capacity for individual initiative.
During the last days of war, when all adults in Germany realized that the war was lost, the German hitlerjugend children continued to fight. Many of them died in the ruins of Berlin.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 5 years ago from Auburn, WA

      The journalist William Shirer, who was covering the invasion of France and Low Countries, mentioned the "fitness" (my term) of the German troops compared to the Brits in particular. He said the Germans just looked healthier than the young men of Britain and France. A lot of that unfortunately, was due to extreme organizations like the Hitler Youth. Great article.