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Hitler's Secret Food Taster

Updated on April 29, 2013
Hitler and Eva dining. Hitler was not always in military gear.
Hitler and Eva dining. Hitler was not always in military gear.
Margot today
Margot today
Margot in the 1940's
Margot in the 1940's

Her name is Margot Woelk, 95. she is a frail, old woman now, but still alert and able. If you saw her on the street or store, that is the only thing you might think. You might help her just as she for many years helped Hitler, Germany's historic leader of the 1930's until 1945 and the end of World War 2. The last thing you might think of her would be that she was one of Hitler's food tasters.

Margot was one of 15 women assigned to Hitler to taste all meals before he and Eva ate them. She kept the secret all her life, not even relatives or her husband\relatives knew. Perhaps is was the old clock ticking, age, that finally made her give up the secret. It was her legacy in what is a normal, nothing special, life.

Much of the taster's location were spent at his "Wolf's Lair" in Poland. A fortress that was the most well guarded from 1943-45. This is where Hitler and others went to consult, escape, from the war. He could unwind here and let his guard down. However, Hitler was always cautious and paranoid of what others might try- that is, become a target himself.

Hitler was a vegetarian and ate only the freshest veggies and pasta\rice. Margot cannot remember a time when he ate meat. If Hitler was in constant fear of food poisoning so were the 15 tasters, after all, they would die first!

Margot became a taster by chance after fleeing Berlin to escape British and American bombers,moving to Rastenburg (today, Ketrzyn, Poland) where she was drafted into civilian service by the Nazis to taster Hitler's food. During her time as a taster, none of the women ever saw Hitler, who was always kept well guarded by SS troops. They did see Eva and Blondie, his dog.

After July, 1944, when a trusted officer tried to assassinate Hitler with a bomb under the table, Hitler was in rage and had 5000 suspected traitors killed. The briefcase bomb was so strong that Margot and others were literally tossed off their seats. Hitler became even more paranoid after the bombing and the tasters were told eat larger portions of probably the best meals anywhere in Germany.

As the Soviets approached in late 1944, Margot fled back to Berlin, while the other 14 women elected to stay in Rastenburg because it was their home. By January, 1945, the area was in Soviet control and once they found the 14 women worked for Hitler, they were shot after being raped.

The Russians then came to Berlin and took control. Margot was captured and took her to a doctor's apartment and raped for 14 consecutive days. She could never have children. They destroyed everything. After the war she worked mostly as a secretary.

With her own life nearing an end, Margo, who has been haunted by the memories all these years, decided to let them out. Her husband died 23 years ago and she is frail and has not left her apartment in eight years. Home care works come three times a week.

She feels better now.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 4 years ago

      I can just see a movie coming........

    • montecristo profile image

      Angel Caleb Santos 4 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

      I like reading war stories. Thanks for sharing! Voted up!