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Updated on July 28, 2016

Hurrian gods ande their cults on Hittite documents

As the Hittites, who established a great civilization in 2000 B.C., ruled to many different ethnic peoples/tribes, the Hittite religion and pantheon contains plenty of gods of different ethnic backgrounds. In order to ensure the coexistence of societies from different ethnic backgrounds, it is foreseen to collect all the gods from all these communities, within the official pantheon as a unifying element in empires. The coexistence of these communities is ensured by introducing the gods of all these communities into the official pantheon. In the Hittite religion, both own based Indo-European gods, religious beliefs and Hatti origin gods, religious beliefs encountered when entering Anatolia are observed. In addition, Luwian and Pala religious beliefs and gods, which have an Indo-European language, are included in the Hittite official religion and pantheon. In addition, the religion of the Hurrians, which lived in the form of princedoms from 3000 B.C., who came to North-West Mesopotamia, around today Mardin towards the end of 1600 B.C., and which became a government organization by means of a Indo-Aryan origin warrior community, has passed to Hittites, Hittite great king III.Ḫattušili married to Puduḫepa, the daughter of the city Laṷazantiḭa the Head Hurrian priest Bentipšarri. We have tried to reveal that Hurrian gods have an very important place in the Hittite pantheon and that they are blessed accordingly by bringing together all the cuneiform texts in CTH 704 and CTH 705. Accordingly:The God of Storm Tešup; his wife, the Goddess of Sun Ḫepat; their son Šarruma and daughter Alanzu; the bulls of Tešup Šerri and Hurri; The God of Moon Kušuh; the God/goddess) of War and Love Šaušga, who is identified with IŠTAR of Mesopotamia; The God of War Aštabi; being a God of Love at the beginning, Išhara, thought to be the implementer of oracle applications, the Goddess of the other world Allani; God Kumarbi, remaining from the oldest Hurrian tradition as well as the hero of the Hurrian myth, belong to the Hurrian world. The most important source giving the best information about the Hittite religion in addition to texts are the depictions of gods with hieroglyphic-Luwian legends written in Hurrian names at the the rock sanctuary of Yazılıkaya located 1,5 km northeast of Boğazköy.


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