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Holographic Speed Reading

Updated on April 29, 2010

People can do things in this world which technically they should not be able to do, like absorbing and understanding whole pages of text in a single glance, just as it takes only a moment for someone to view a picture and visually "understand" it. They read at rates faster than what normally constitutes a fast reader, or even a successful speed - reading course graduate. They have vaulted into a category of their own, in which the input of words is so rapid as to be almost simultaneous. I say that technically this should not be happening, because words operate sequentially: one follows the other in a sentence, and sentences and thoughts follow each other in a paragraph, leading eventually to a conclusion. So therefore it is hard to believe that anyone could input all the words of an entire page in a split second.

And yet, this does happen. Many people, some of them well - known, have complained of the fact that they could not turn the pages of a book fast enough to keep up with the voracity of their reading. These people were also noted for their extraordinary comprehension and retention of material... exactly the opposite of what one would expect.

The question now becomes: How do they do it? I suspect that the ability to read at astronomical, near - simultaneous rates of speed derives from being in a certain mode of thinking and being, a different mode than the vast majority of us are taught by our culture to use. In fact, I venture to say that most of us do not even know that such a mode exists. I also suspect that this mode is behind many other cases in which people are pushing the envelope of human potential, whether those who use this mode recognize that this is what they are doing or not. You can term this mode as "holographic." The key feature of the holographic mode is simultaneous, or near - simultaneous, perception of many pieces of a situation that we would normally consider one by one, and the ability to understand each of them individually, as well as to understand their role within the overall structure.

For example, think how we could grasp very complex phenomena much more easily and quickly if we could see the various concepts involved in it depicted not sequentially (presented one at a time, one after the other) but put across simultaneously as parts existing together in a whole. A way to do this would be to show the ideas through visual symbols or a few key words and place them in a 3 - D structure, like a hologram (which is why this can be called a "holographic" mode) in such a way that it would be apparent how these concepts related to one another and to the whole.

If we were viewing a topic through this lens, we would be seeing into the very fabric of it and grasping it at a very fundamental structural level. It would take us a bit of time to input each of the branches of the structure, but if we had first grasped the general shape of the structure, we could greatly speed up the time it took to understand the details, because they would make sense to us within the whole. This would be similar to how it takes only fractions of a second to understand what all the "parts" of a picture are, once we know what it is a picture of.

This could explain what would otherwise be very puzzling: Why is it that people who read extremely fast and therefore have only brief contact with each word, comprehend and retain material at phenomenal levels compared with those who read slowly? Inputting the words at a fast enough rate as to be almost simultaneous allows the concepts behind the words to be perceived in the same way.

Continued In Holographic Speed Reading Part 2


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