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Holographic Speed Reading Part 2

Updated on April 29, 2010

How do they understand what they are reading if it goes by so fast? What people who speed - read probably do is to use a part of their brain to input the text that's different from what normal readers use, one that does not process information sequentially but reads the words like one would "read" a picture. The content is then derived from the whole page at once: like a holograph. Concepts learned this way are much easier to understand and to remember.
Another way to say it is that the mind assembles the concepts into holographic, simultaneous form by sensing the holographic dimension of that particular page of text. Science has shown that people have an electromagnetic field surrounding them. This field is called the aura.

We could view this field as a layer of the person, as a particular state of being: one that does not operate primarily within three - dimensional time and space. Let's say that ideas have a field of energy around them, just like people. We could call this field the holographic layer: the state of being of the idea that is not structured according to a linear format. So the mind in holographic mode senses the holographic dimension of the material being presented, and automatically puts the words it has inputted into holographic structure.

Holographic mode is similar to the functions associated with the right hemisphere of the brain, namely creative insight and understanding wholes and the relationship of parts within them. Researchers have found that people who super speed - read have traits associated with a high degree of development of the right brain hemisphere. However, it is possible that holographic mode is a product of more than just right brain use. It may be that the issue is not if we use one of the basic faculties of perception (right and left brain, the senses, etc.) more than the other, although this would certainly affect our experience; it's a question of using them in a completely different way from how we normally use them. In some way, holographic mode is a dynamic synergy of many perceptual faculties which allows multiple aspects of a given situation to be inputted and processed simultaneously, and makes available great leaps in potential.

This same principle can apply to other areas of life as well. It can be suspected that the holographic mode is also the same basic shift of consciousness that is spoken of in some other cases of dramatic increase in performance through a shift in mode, such as Inner Tennis, and Zen and the Art of Archery. Musicians who play in groups often report that on some glorious occasions, the group seems to play as one, each player being exquisitely aware of and able to work with the movement of the others. In these cases, improved skill results from adopting a heightened state of awareness in which one is able to simultaneously hold awareness of many different phenomena at once and to take them all into account.

In fact, perhaps holographic mode is a natural state of being for a certain layer of ourselves that our race has forgotten, or maybe even collectively chosen to eradicate from our memories. Many have said that our potential as humans is far greater than most of us live out, and studies indicate that we use only a fraction of our brain. It may be that we cannot use the other portions of our brain unless we are operating out of layers of ourselves more advanced than those that most of us currently inhabit.

In certain respects, it seems as if humanity keeps going over the same ground, needing to learn the same lessons again and again, and this may be reflected in the limited number of pathways in the brain we've actually developed. Perhaps through holographic mode, we can reclaim our potential as a species and live out our true destiny.

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    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      There is the "blind sight" abilities.. Blind people are able to discern shapes, emotional states..even traverse halls with stuff in the way (trash can, for example) Not sure how they can do it. Our memory is thought to be holographic...

      Interesting article...