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Homebased tutorial for kids

Updated on February 26, 2012
Studying alone is not easy for a slow learners or unexplained well teachers. Sometimes repetition is better for understanding and clarity of the students.
Studying alone is not easy for a slow learners or unexplained well teachers. Sometimes repetition is better for understanding and clarity of the students. | Source

First hire your tutor or find your housemates that really helps you not cheat you. If you find a tutorial make it at home so that you can see if your work is at home. Some put their CCTV camera to see how their kids work on inside a home based tutorial. It is based on your work and capabilities but don't even rely on your tutor itself you also need to find time to have time together as well doing the projects or some homework's that need to be done with the 2 of you. Most mom think that tutor will make everything, no an hourly paid you gave to them is just an extension of hours for them to learn. Don't even try to scold your teacher because everything she does is for the benefits of your kids instead help her to motivate your kids.

1.Motivate your kids to prepare all the needed materials during tutorial so that your time will not be wasted.Put your pencils and tutor notebooks near at the table and avoid unnecessary food offerings during tutorials. Avoid stomping your feet and focus to what the teachers saying inside.

2.Avoid unnecessary questions during the tutorials.

3. For slow learner students they should be repeated many times. Repeating is important in tutorial especially in grade-school mathematics.

4. Let motivate your kids with his/her favorite snacks.

5. Since your prepare well the teacher should also prepare for the task.

6.The school should always have a diary in which the assignments should be written by her/his students with the teachers signature.

7. Don't tolerate them to skip on their diaries or homework notebooks.

8. Remember a teacher will always be the second parents inside the classroom.

9. Prepare for the list you want your kids to learn base on their lesson if their teacher wanted to extend their time for a certain additional class its OK.

10. Readiness of the child is very important. Conduct at least once a month exam or weekly task for them to learn or assess what they have learned from tutorials or request for the tutor to make at least few questions a week since everyday has a paper tasks.Encourage them always and remember that a parents should not keep on making their kids a baby one if its not necessary to but if the kids has a tantrums better to break the lesson and brief your kids they might be bored since their learning span or the readiness of the child was disturb. No need to continue if it will not stop the kids might be distracted and all the leanings will be gone and its not anymore important.

So the steps are done all we have to do is do the routine to be sure a teacher should dwell on the weaknesses of her/his students. Additional time should be incorporate for a slow learner. And students should be honest to the teachers, and ask what they don't understand. Assistance of tutor is important as well but some projects should be done bot of the parents and kids so that you both have a task at home and bonding.


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