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Parenting and Child Care - Homeschool versus Public or Private Schools

Updated on April 5, 2012

Are you in favor of home schooling?

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Regular school is the best option for me

The first thing, which strikes my mind when opting for home schooling is that the kid, will miss "Team Work". To my knowledge, kids learn faster when they are surrounded by kids of their age group. I tried a lot of words for my daughter to learn, but she never repeated. One day, a 4-year-old baby who lives near our house came and she said a few words like bye, bomma (means doll), car, balloon, etc and you know within a half an hour, she started saying those words, believe me. So kids learn more when they are with their friends and that environment is totally different. They not only learn material studies, but also manners, sharing love and sharing things. Friendship is one big thing of life, which starts from this age.

Besides it, there are few more issues with home schooling:

  1. Kids do not develop social skills.
  2. Since there is no healthy competition, they lack motivation.
  3. They lack ability to adjust to new surroundings.
  4. They become academical.
  5. Parents feel responsible for any of the social failures, so they end up isolating them from others.

If you want to invest your time into your kid's education, why don't you let them go to a public or private school and teach them when they come back home. Having said so, if you are proactive and want to provide your kid a nurturing environment, you can very well achieve your goals. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, nothing can be more wonderful for the child. Home schooling takes away the teamwork aspect from your kid's education. Kids love going to school and meeting other people. If you will keep them home, they would be deprived of that. Try after schooling. It works for everyone. It supplements and reinforces what kids have been taught in school. Plus they get an added advantage academically when you teach them stuff at home after school. At school, the kid learns to be independent, socialized with others, learns communication skills, boosting confidence, and self-esteem. These are very important soft skills that will help in later life, and mostly all schools do a good job at it. So, I agree with putting my kid in private or public schools rather than homeschooling her.

But this is only meant for me and my family and not for everyone. My views on homeschooling are different from many other people. Also, it is reflected in the poll above as homeschooling has got 75% of votes and private schooling has only got 25% of votes. Homeschooling is emerging as a new technique to train and prepare kids for their future. Below is the view of one hubpages member who is against private schooling and I have published her comment below. You read this and the decision lies in your hands, whether to send your kids to private schools or prefer homeschooling.

Walkin School Bus
Walkin School Bus
Mom assisting kids after school hours.
Mom assisting kids after school hours.
Public schools
Public schools
Home schooling
Home schooling
Indian Public School Kids
Indian Public School Kids

I'd like to address some of the reasoning you gave for not homeschooling. I don't believe any of the reasons you listed are accurate. Do you have any studies or personal experience to cite for giving them? The only reason for not homeschooling is if the parent is not 100% committed to it. If they are, it will be a tremendous success, for the students and for the family as a whole. And successful individuals and families make for better communities. I personally have homeschooled my kids for almost 16 years and have never run across these issues you list. I have and have met some of the most polite, well-adjusted, fun to be with kids in the homeschooling community.

1.Kids do not develop social skills. -

This is so incorrect, I cannot believe people are still spouting this fallacy. Homeschoolers do not stay isolated in their homes all day. We socialize with family and friends. We are involved in church and community activites. In fact, most homeschooled kids are much better adjusted socially than public schooled kids. They are quite comfortable with all age groups since they haven't been segrated by age for most of their youth. School is the only time this will ever happen, by the way.

2.Since there is no healthy competition, they lack motivation.

- True learning takes place when we are motivated from within. A child learns how to walk because he wants to, not because there's a comptetiton. As an adult, are you only motivated when there's competition? Kids are little people. When something is important to us, we will learn it quite quickly and easily. For more on this concept, read anything by John Holt or Raymond & Dorothy Moore.

3.They lack ability to adjust to new surroundings. -

Does public school "teach" this? Homeschooled kids are just as able to adjust to new surroundings as any other. Some kids are better at it than others, regardless of where they go to school. It's a personality thing.

4.They become academical. -

I can't address this one, as I'm not sure what you meant. soni2006 says "by saying they become academical I mean that they only concentrate on studies and studies and don't develop hobbies or passion for other recreational activities and sports which are very much important for any kid to boost confidence".

5.Parents feel responsible for any of the social failures, so they end up isolating them from others. -

Again, I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I don't know of any isolated homeschoolers, and I know lots of them. I'm sure there are some hermits homeschooling, but of the vast majority, we are out and about in the community, perhaps more often than public schooled kids, as we can do activites during the day when public school is in session.

Thanks for the opportunity to make some clarifications.

The misconceptions and realities of homeschool life , from comedian (and homeschool dad) Tim Hawkins


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    • profile image

      Michelle Schuhmacher 

      7 years ago

      i have decided to homeschool my kids. i agree with gobangla, skills such as mentioned above basically rooted from home. we tall to our child first, we teach them first. we do these things first. and the school system acts like they did all these. much the bla-bla.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      There is a tendency to give schools too much credit for things like social skills, motivation and other abilities. These things typically come from the home. You'll find kids in school who run the spectrum from extremely shy to very social. You'll find kids who run the spectrum from being highly motivated academically to being completely unmotivated in schools. It all really comes down to the home.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Academical - My son is 9. He has played soccer for 4 yrs. He is now starting basketball. He previously went to gym 3 times a week, and he now attends twice a week and an hour of swimming. He loves video games and pretending. He practices his dance moves and we go to friends houses 2-4 times a week for play dates. He is very active and leads his own interests. He actually is not very interested in books. He likes animals, science experiments, and some history. I agree that everyone learns more, when it is a subject they are interested in learning and have a desire to commit the information to memory for future use. Co-ops or enrichment classes are useful for peer interaction on a certain subject. This is my 13th year of homeschooling, and I agree, I know hundreds of homeschoolers and they are mostly very social and use to interacting with all ages.


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