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Homeschooling: The Growing Trend of Homes Rebuilt on Stronger Relationships

Updated on April 21, 2017

In School...

Imagine a child attending regular school; waking up at five or six in the morning, taking a bath, eating breakfast, then heading off to school at seven am. Likely, if the child is accustomed to going home early, he might be already in at three in the afternoon. But if not, and he is used to going with friends or doing some other extra activities after school, then a few more hours would be passed before he is expected to come home. Upon reaching the house, he grabs his bag and completes homework, or if he has a gadget, then he might as well pick that up and spend a few minutes or even hours in front of it trying to play games and connect with friends. If you have a teenager, he might use the excuse “this is the only time I have for myself”- and of course, you fold.

Sounds familiar? Surely, parents who send their children to regular classes outside their homes experience the same picture almost every day.

...of time and quality connection

Some parents even woe on the fact that they have lesser time for each other. Mothers, in particular, are becoming more aware that the less time their children spend with them means more time with friends and acquaintances they might not even know of. The worse thing is, when a child turns into teenage years, the problems become even bigger and harder to control.

This is the reason why the option of homeschooling is becoming one of the latest trends in education not only in the United States and other well-off countries but all around the globe. The social campaign of families having the need to draw closer has been responded to with willingness by some parents.

Although in some regions, homeschoolers are still being questioned with too many inquiries often directing to the capability of parents to teach, the recognition of home education as a viable option for individual development is becoming an acceptable option for many.

teaching at home need not be contained and limited to specific rules and guidelines only
teaching at home need not be contained and limited to specific rules and guidelines only

The Changing Trend in Education

While some remain rooted to the idea that parents must have particular qualifications to teach their children some basic education, there are factual proofs that when it comes to good parenting, good teaching comes in naturally. This is what fuels up the desire to develop better parent-guidance and training programs that will equip parents to become effective teachers to their children.

Among all the different concerns that the society may have over homeschooling, one beneficial factor remains true across the years; that homeschooling impacts home-relationships highly. With proper application of homeschooling procedures and strategies, parents are becoming closer to their children, they become their young ones’ best friends and the family ties are strengthened.

Of course, to make sure this happen, particular measures of consideration ought to be put into place:

1. Stress-free homeschooling comes from focus and realistic goals

The reason why some homeschooling parents lose sight of the benefit of homeschooling is because they often take the traditional pattern of learning at home. They merely changed the environment but not the process of learning that their children undergo. This is a usual dilemma among first time homeschoolers.

Nonetheless, it must be cleared that homeschooling should be a learning environment that empowers the child’s capacity to think without impending boundaries that hook them within traditional educational procedures. The learning process at home should be accustomed to the learning pace of each child. The parent, supposedly knowing the child’s preferences ought to find ways that would best help the child grow at his own pace. This might take a while to engage with, especially for new homeschoolers, but once the connection between the parent and the child is reestablished, then it would be a great start for a better form of education and bonding for both individuals.

Everything starts small: nothing successful would come out of unrealistic expectations but disappointment
Everything starts small: nothing successful would come out of unrealistic expectations but disappointment

2. Life learning is Valid learning

Homeschooling parents have the option to use books or use actual life practices to teach their children the most vital lessons they ought to known. The interchanging effect of lecture and on-hand learning is effective especially in creating a viable form of learning stimulation among young learners especially as they are able to immediately see and apply what they are learning from their books.

3. Schedule Helps, but it should not be Too Pressuring

Too much control on time may make a child lose interest on each turn of learning. Observing the child’s needs and capacity to respond to teaching will only be improved through the parents’ flexibility especially in seeing and understanding what the child needs for the time being. It should be realized by parents that while there is a structured system to be followed, the learning pattern of a child changes every now and then, and catering to such adjustments might just be one of the success keys they could use to gain the full benefits of homeschooling.

Majority of the families who are homeschooling their children are often challenged to work together to make the system work. The first years may be daunting and pressuring. Some might be too stressed that they already give up on the process.

What parents must know is that in homeschooling, the process gets easier as the years go by. The important thing to consider is to know your child better every day. Connect with the child as you would connect to an interesting person you think highly of and not think of the child as a robot.

Homeschooling or Traditional Schooling?

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IF you are in the process of picking homeschooling as an educational option for your child[ren], then it might be helpful if you could check on online references that improve the homeschooling experience of newbies in the field. You are not alone and what you are going through have been undergone and victoriously accomplished by others; what they can do, you can too.


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