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Homework in high school and how it could benefit students in college.

Updated on October 29, 2014

Homework in High school

When in high school most everything is easier and more relaxing then college, once college starts many people are scrambling to finish homework, get to work and balance a relationship, high school students need more homework in school to help prepare them for college. Most kids might have been better off if their high school teacher had assigned more homework and for more class assignments. If there was more homework in high school, such as reading, writing, and were more exposed to critical thinking, kids would be more prepared for college and for the real world outside their parents’ house.

English is one of the most important classes in high school, it could give kids the tools to learn critical thinking and comprehension skills, unfortunately, there is less and less reading in and outside the classroom; once English 4 my class mates would moan and groan about anything we did in the class. Once we read the play “Macbeth” written by Shakespeare, the old English was difficult to understand but it wasn’t the language that my classmates disliked, it was the reading. More of the kids would have been happier watching a movie about “Macbeth” and miss out on most of the information that is only in the written play. Another example of this lack of reading is when my class had to read “The rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” each of us read less than a page a day and there was nonstop complaining about having to read it. In some cases when this happens laziness sets in and kids don’t turn in their homework, they get behind and think they can just make the homework up later, in college this doesn’t happen. Turning assignments in late is not accepted in college and students receive zeroes for their grade. If there was more homework in high school there would be less complaining about things like a reading assignment.

Another example of homework shortage is that some kids may not be getting the push they need to survive in a college atmosphere. I was not challenged in high school and now I am having a hard time getting to where I need to be academically to keep up with the professors and getting my homework done. A lot of times kids don’t reach their limits in high school because homework is few and far between and kids aren’t keeping their minds active even when they are in the classroom because they are either slacking, they are above the class level, or they know short cuts to slide by in high school. After high school some kids don’t even consider college because they were never shown a love of learning that is needed to succeed in college, which could have been attained by being challenged. A former classmate of mine “Mason Abraham” only talked about how he was going to work after college, oddly enough, he was the class clown and was one of the ones who complained most about reading in English class. Homework may have made him enjoy school because it would have prepared him for college so that he may have wanted to come to college and not stop his education at high school.

For kids who aren’t prepared for college but go anyway they get a shock from the work load they have to cope with and what they need to do within a deadline. Such as when I came to college, I expected a lot of homework, but I still was not prepared for what was to come. My teachers have given me enough homework to fill a semester of my high school experience. Another thing that might shock new students is that they have less time for fun and sometimes have to choose between work and friends. As pointed out earlier, not everyone goes to college. This presents a problem for the kids who do go to college because it is a hard choice to choose to work over having fun. And because there is so little homework in school they have rarely had to make this decision before. And because of this lack of experience the kids who go to college have a difficult time overcoming obstacles such as making decisions and this lack over experience can make some people drop out of college because to them this phase in life, which should seem as an adventure becomes something few think they can handle.

When kids don’t have the discipline or the experience with school work they are more apt to complain and are more apt to dropping out of college. The challenges that could be avoided if there was more homework in public schools is amazing such as they would turn more of their homework in on or before the due date and if kids had more schoolwork in their classroom and homework sent with them there would be less frustration when they reach college, also more kids would want to go to college because homework has the ability to make someone grow academically and pushes them to better themselves, many more kids could be going to college and in the future acquire better paying jobs then they would if they didn’t go to college. In short, high school students need more homework in school to help prepare them for college

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    • profile image

      Shirley 2 years ago

      I so agree, Kids are not getting prepared for college anymore. they think college is a place to party and so many flunk out of college because high school does not prepare them for beyond high school. our school system is dumbing down our kids.