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Honest Hazel

Updated on August 14, 2015

This hub will be touching all issues related to society from my point of view. Some may hurt some, while some may trigger some to acknowledge and some may be outright truth that we do not admit exist in our society


How many of us can say we are being honest to our self. The real me in the real world is sometimes or most times not honest. Situations require me to tolerate some events in life.

Remember, 'Madagascar' the friendship of Alex and Marty is so beautiful. Compare it to reality, honestly do we believe lions can actually befriend a zebra. In the movie it was portrayed both the animal loving and caring for one another while Nature's food chain decides otherwise.


I have seen and read about many people going the extra mile in being generous. At the same time, I have also seen people who are inconsiderate of others. They simply do not care if another person is in pain.

We can not give everything to everyone, but we can give something to someone.

Top 5 generous souls as listed in Forbes : Margaret A. Cargill, William S. Dietrich II, Paul G. Allen, George Soros and Michael R Bloomberg.

Probably they have not done anything for you and me, but someone out there may have received kindness from them.

There could also be another group of people who pretend to be generous but honestly they can never be. They just do it for the name and fame. Some are forced into doing them because they are cornered again by the community.



For most people who are not well financed, they share their service to the needy by sharing or they volunteer their service.

The famous person that comes to my mind would be Mother Teresa. There is no soul as kind as her. She has inspired many people to follow her footsteps.

Of course there was my personal favorite Princess Diana. Many people look at her as though she did what she did for who she was and not sincerely from her heart. Lets leave it to individual to judge. For me she was just a wonderful soul, her mere presence made many people feel 'excitement'

Racism, Religion and Skin Color

Evey one or almost all people are racist. We are blinded by our race, religion or community in many situations. We compromise between right and wrong to uphold our race, religion and skin color.

Branding of people based on their religion/race has been going on for centuries.

  • That 'race' are always like that
  • Food of those 'race' people are disgusting
  • They 'race' must be guilty

We have been judging people, as if there is no one from that 'race/religion' have good moral, ethics or integrity.

Sometimes this happen in working environment as well, where people are selected to upgrading or promotion just because they belong in the same 'grouping' and not based on deserving person.

In the name of religion we do many things that is morally wrong, from destruction to killing. Some claim to honor God, they do what they do, and what they do is just not human.

Sports and Games

It was supposed to bring unity to the people of the world. I believe once upon a time it served the purpose. Not only unity among the team members but also among countries too. But how far is it now ?

In some countries it is not working in such way because many unscrupulousness happens. Selection is made in a very influenced environment where participants are chosen not based on credibility. Other then that there are many bad ethics in the sports arena now, from bribery, match fixing and betting.

Sports is supposed to create and healthy environment. Fans are supposed to enjoy the games as it is. We want to see the real 'stars' who achieve because they have talent.

Corruption Culture

Both the giver and the receiver are bad for the community as well as nation. People of good caliber or people of quality performance may loose out because they are not able to compete in the 'corrupted' market

Corruption is a disease in the society, many unethical dealings takes place. The only cure which is far fetched is when everyone feel they have to be fair and righteous.

Corruption is like a chain, it happens from the top till the bottom of the chain.


This are people who live in pretentious world. Portraying as one and in reality they are another. They cheat and deceive people by claiming and being one of them.

In my books the worst of worst is the Religious Hypocrites who claim to be 'neutralist' and yet are the enemy of humanity. They talk of peace and harmony and open the door to destruction and killing.

Some use the name of god and dupe people into vice and crime. Some become rich by selling god ..

Moral contradiction in religion

This is a real confusing thing. In some religion, moral goodness is only applied to certain people and that is to the people who belong in the religion. People of other believe are not worthy human beings.

People of next generation are loosing their moral values because of this selective 'goodness' thought by religion.. Human is human and everyone is equal. .

Moral Goodness is not exclusive to one group of people. It goes beyond the group and to all human, be it rich or poor, healthy or sick, black or white, tall or short, fat or thin. No one religion holds the right to this act.

Everyone should follow moral goodness towards another human being without prejudice. Be Neutral to everyone in the time of moral crisis.

Sometimes even a small thing like addressing an elderly man, when he belong to our group, we address them politely, 'Sir' or 'Uncle' but when they are of different group we will simply say 'Hei Old Man' or You, you'.

Loosing Battle : Morale Failure

I honestly feel like this is a loosing battle, too many things are affecting our society now

  1. humanity is vanishing,
  2. moral standards have gone way down
  3. justice is getting slim
  4. criminal activities are more advanced and ever increasing
  5. Integrity is fading away
  6. family values is slowly disappearing
  7. respect is only from the lips and not heart

Moral Science

This is something very interesting, without influence of religion or other factors that differentiate human being a social moral value that can lead humanity to a better peaceful future is being introduced to the society.

The moral is valued in a more universal term, all moral judgement is based on right and wrong. So a murder will be a murder, a robbery will be robbery, respect will be respect, kind will be kind ... to everyone. Everyone is equal and same.

"Moral science is important: it’s more rational than what we currently have, ie, a system where we just slightly amend historically decided ideas when we really have to. But more than this, it’s important because it gives us a chance to rationally judge moral issues – no longer having to allow for dangerous and often irrational subjective differences. What’s more, it allows for the whole method to be scientific in attitude; not allowing for certainty where there is none and helping to do away with as much potential for uncompromising aggression as possible." said Rob Johnson a philosopher of science and ethics (from Richard Dawkins Foundation)


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    • Hazel Abee profile imageAUTHOR

      Hazel Abee 

      3 years ago from Malaysia

      Yeah !! There are more things we cheat ourself to believe ...

    • esja profile image


      3 years ago from South Africa

      Well done, Hazel! Had to be reminded of that again....




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