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House Rakoczy

Updated on July 3, 2015

House Rakoczy

On July 2, 2013, Tim Broussard, known to many as Mephistopheles, released a book to the public that would forever change the minds of the community known as Upyreshi. What is an Upyre you ask? It comes from the Turkish word for witch that has power over all life. It is a descendant of “royal blood” that inherited the genes of what modern day humanity calls vampires. Taking over as Head of House Rakoczy in 1993, Tim Broussard embarked on his endeavors of writing a culminated book taken from the grimoire Claviculus Astaroth, which was discovered in a cipher found in the famous or infamous Grimorium Verum. Another book of channeled knowledge was written from the dark forces, and a book on the workings of the two. These three books were placed into his published work, The Testament of Shadows: Coming Forth by Night and Descent from the Stars.

House Rakoczy was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Janos Rakoczy in 1968. The House members once they complete their prospective training and studying under their mentor, receive Rakoczy as their last name to the Vampire Community. The name Rakoczy is received as part of the lore, legends, and bloodlines tied to this House and the original mansion in Transylvania where the founder of the bloodline resided. Count St. Germaine, who was formerly known as Prince Fenerc Rakoczy II, was an alchemist and self-proclaimed immortal that stands as a model to House members. Janos Rakoczy implemented everything that St. Germaine left behind in his legacy as part of House Rakoczy.

In 1993, Janos appointed Tim Broussard (known as Mephistopheles to the community) as Head of House Rakoczy and returned to Hungary. Since, his appointment, Mephistopheles has been a staple to the community with his writings and teachings, both within the House and publicized. The Testament of Shadows has been a staple book to the Vampire Community. It shows the history and lineage of where the bloodline originated in the beginning times. His Cultus des Loogaroo was published in April of 2013 and exemplified the bloodlines of native born Louisiana vampires and how they differ from the other bloodlines. He has had other publications which also include dark poetry and prose from the external forces that power his mind, body, and soul.

Most when they hear the term vampire automatically assume the position of film portrayal. No, vampires do not burst into flames or “sparkle” in the sunlight. FICTION. However, they do have sun sensitivities. SPF in sunblock does not work for their skin, most of which are light skinned attributed to some Irish bloodline. They are cooked/boiled from the inside out. They may have rashes occur from sensitivity, or, in some cases, bad cases of sun poisoning, i.e. blisters that a doctor thinks may have originated from a chemical burn. Some have such a high sensitivity they can be sunburned in March weather at 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Each individual has their own limits to this sensitivity. A wooden stake through the heart will kill anyone! Garlic sensitivity happens even with mundanes (normal humans) and does not apply to vampires. There is no shapeshifting into bats. Anything you have seen in the movies is purely fiction apart from one point. The diet.

Star of Azoth

House Rakoczy part 2

The diet of a vampire is much like every other person, aside from the part where they drink blood. It is not their only means for survival but it helps replenish their energy. This is a sanguine diet. There is no grabbing people in alleys and drinking their blood. The community has donors that willfully let them feed from their blood. This way of life has been the common misconception that links the House to Satanism. House Rakoczy in no way practices Satanic or Luciferian worships as a whole group. Each member may have their own path and beliefs, but in no way is the reputation of the House as a whole Satanic or a cult.

The Testament of Shadows was written as the holy text, or bible, for the Upyre race. The Dark Lord is the Father of all Upyres and seeded us all through the tribes that broke free to the surface. The totemic beast referenced through the lore connected to the Dark Lord is both the dragon and the phoenix. He is known by many titles and has many aspects taken from both male and female Upyre. He is not the Satan of the Bible or God’s adversary. He did not revolt against God and modern day religion has nothing to do with him. The great Gods feared the Igigi/Nephilim’s growing power in numbers and exiled them into what is now known to House members as Stygia. The Gods then replaced them with humans creating a natural predator vs prey hunting game. Being cast into darkness created a sensitivity to light making it hard to live above ground. However, the first tribe to break free to the surface and help produce the remaining tribes, were in fact sensitive to the sun which was passed down through genetic to vampires in modern day life.

This race of beings were left in the dark when all they did was crave the light. This became a beacon of hope to all Upyre everywhere. The darkness was thought to be a punishment, when in fact, they embraced the darkness and made it a part of their psyche. Now all House members balance their lives out with darkness and light as their purpose in achieving attunement with the Dark Lord.

Writing and teaching for the House continues on even today with the latest publication by Tim Broussard, Into the Charnel House. The House keeps growing in numbers and new prospects are added frequently.


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