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Houston Termite Control

Updated on July 4, 2011

A Houston termite control service can use pre-made baits, or take organic material and add poison to pieces of wood, paper, or cotton. The in ground baits usually are made of a plastic case with the poison and food inside, and are placed about two to three feet away from the home, and one is usually buried every fifteen feet to complete a circuit around the structure. Next, the base of foundation poisonous foam is inserted to kill termites coming in the house, and killing any that have already entered before treatment.

Houston Termite Control Around Trees

Many times when a termite takes a piece of the bated material back to their colony, it will not only destroy the courier, but up to fifteen or sixteen of it’s cohabitants that share in the meal. When treating around the base of trees and shrubs a chemical called Beta Cyfluthrin is used to mainly exterminate termites, and carpenter ants, but it will also kill other species of ants, fleas, ticks, crickets, spiders, and flies. This can also be purchased over the counter under the brand name of Bayer, yes the same maker of aspirins.

Pest Control Houston Photos

Houston Termite Control
Houston Termite Control

Garlic Is An Organic Repellent of Termites

As an added defense, the homeowner can use fresh ground up garlic as a barrier around structures on their property to fend off wood destroying insects. It naturally repels them, but is not a complete solution, but more of an ancillary protection. Also, if mounds of termites are found on your land, placing a strong magnet next to the mound will almost shutdown production, and make them want to move to another location.

Termite Baits and Treatment

Yearly detailed inspection of all buildings on your real estate should be inspected for infestation for all wood eating insects, and baits with poisons need to be replenished as they are eaten away. Essentially the bait is an extortion payment to the insects to stay away from valued wood in the home, sheds, or shops on your land.

Termite Control In Houston Texas

Pest Control Houston

At night, you notice around exterior lights on front and back porches, if swarms of termites are flittering around the bulb. This means that you have a high concentration of termites in the house already, or there are colonies very close. A pest control Houston service should be contacted immediately when you see this occurrence to prevent thousands of dollars in damages to your home.

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