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5 Ways College Can Make You Dumber

Updated on July 3, 2015

Pros and Cons of Graduating

A Look At Some Pitfalls of The Education System

To start off, I am not saying that College will make you dumber so you shouldn’t go. There is a great deal you can learn from going to college and it can help you become a better person.

A college degree is so important that I think it should be available to everyone (at no cost). However, there are some inherent design flaws in America’s college system that can cause many people to become dumber in specific ways even though they become smarter in others.

1. Standardized Tests and Fact Cramming

In your college orientation they will tell you that your mind will grow and expand with enlightenment and you will be transformed from an automated robot into an enlightened thought thinking person.

On the contrary, the most important skills you end up needing the most while in college are the ability to memorize vast amounts of information and the skills of writing formal essays.

The vast majority of your college life will be used up reciting information like a parrot, and even when your professors are obviously wrong and psychotic, you are still required to give them answers they want to hear or you won’t pass.

You will also be required to write specific format essays in the majority of your classes. Your professors will make it required for you to support every statement you make by citing specific sources.

Even though this is a valuable skill in research, it does not give you the ability to think for yourself and be creative with new ideas. What it does is force you to become a recitation expert. Forcing students into this way of thinking years on end can seriously hinder their creative potential.

The Testing Method

Colleges give students so many quizzes, tests, and exams not because it’s the best way to learn, but because that is just the way it has always been done and not enough people have come along to challenge that tradition.

The cut and dry way of being able to set everyone on the same standard is the reason tests remain in place today. This is necessary for schools to be able to do in order to prove to their governing agency they are doing things the right way. Thus we see the primary goal of for profit colleges: reporting student performance.

That is what it comes down to. Colleges need a way to measure that you in fact completed something, because if they can manage to do that, then they can put a check mark on the appropriate boxes on the correct government forms that keep them in business.

That’s what it is, a business. So the curriculum is designed for their needs no matter how much of your time is wasted you could spend learning.

If you remain long enough in college so that your sense of self-worth becomes based on your academic achievements, you just might find yourself blindly defending the institutions and its practices.

If you grow up in a maze of bureaucracy, you may end up taking it for granted and assume the world is one big maze of bureaucracy and the only way to succeed is to accept it for what it is and don’t question your responsibilities.

Just give the man above whatever he wants. These are the unruly lessons of life that the system of higher education teaches to millions of people. And since graduates from college become the world’s leaders, these become the values that end up being engrained in heads of world leaders. With all this going on it shouldn’t be any surprise that the world is such a stressful and unforgiving place.

2. Unaccountable and Untrained Professors

You may be able to amass a wealth of information in college, but having a college degree does not make you worthy of higher form of life and prolific title.

Truthfully, there are many really dumb people who got by college and attained a degree and unfortunately, some of them got jobs as college professors.

Some of them have learning impediments and mental disorders and some may look great on paper but put them in a classroom and watch the whole thing come crumbling down.

I don’t mean to say that all professors are dumb or ill trained, if you complete four years of college, I’m sure you will find at least one that you will be inspired by and will maybe even change your life.

But I guarantee that you will come across a few head cases that have no business being at the head of a classroom. These teachers will have biased views and probably teach you some irrational nonsense that will definitely make you dumber. Some may preach their entire life story, and some may flat out not teach anything.

3. Debt

The cost of attaining degree from college can follow you the rest of your life. It can be a major financial burden to those who can afford it, and for those using student loans, their debt can be a perpetual source of stress and strain on their finances.

The inflated cost of tuition has the capability of dragging the poor into deeper poverty and tends to drag everyone else down closer to the poverty level.

There’s a positive correlation between poverty and lowered mental capacities. In other words, poverty can make you dumber. By being so expensive, colleges are making this world dumber.

If you grow up in a capitalist society where everything costs as much as possible, and you spend half your life’s wages to go buy the credentials that get you pass the glass ceiling, there’s a great chance you will end up accepting that behavior as the status quo to defend the system despite the inherent damage it causes society.

4. Stress

On top of the long-term stress that comes with paying student loans, students go through psychological stress from attending rigorous classes. Colleges have been known to push students so hard to the point of taking Ritalin and Adderall to keep up with their work load.

If they can’t stay caught up with the work load then they are at risk of losing all the money they have invested and lose all the money they paid for those classes. They risk losing their chance at getting at getting their golden ticket through the glass ceiling.

And don’t think for one moment there is any mercy for the weak. It’s either sink or swim in college. If you fail, then you ae worthless and that proves that you deserve live your days at the bottom of the food chain. These are not the values of an advanced society. These are the characteristics of a selfish, greedy, and oppressive society.

Some people crack under this stress and become scarred for the rest of their lives. They may still graduate, become employed and a contributing member to society, but they’ll carry scars that will bleed into their lives in negative, subtle ways.

5. Aggrandizement of Hierarchy

Everybody rises to their feet as all the Deans, professors, and teachers walk in an orderly fashion line wearing their robes of achievements, power, and credentials.

This is a common scene you kind find and the commencement of my graduate ceremony. Colleges correct you by telling you should address your professor as “doctor”, “sir”, or “Ma’am” citing their prestigious accomplishments. But be careful, if your choice is to not address them as such you will be reprimanded. This is an act of obedience rather than respect.

It is not logical to treat someone else as if you were a second class citizen to them even if they have accomplished many achievements. This doesn’t mean they went above the call of duty; they simply did what was expected of them.

One person’s success is not the failure of another. Spending 4 or 8 years in the system does not make anyone subservient to you, nothing does. Expecting other people to treat you different than they would anyone else is oppression; it may not be apartheid, but still its oppression.

If you teach someone that they must place other human beings above them for any reason at all then you have succeed in making that person dumber. And when you succeed in indoctrinating an entire generation of graduates to believe their elders are so much closer to God them they are, then you have made it possible for an entire generation to be exploited and manipulated.

Not only does this way of thinking close your mind, it distorts your sense of self-worth. Every person is born equal no matter what. Every person deserves equal respect and love. And in the end, everyone dies and gets buried in the ground.

That’s just how it is. Schools will keep pushing the tradition of students subjugating themselves to teachers because it gives the teachers the necessary power over students and helps them control the classroom.

Would you contribute your earning potential to your college degree?

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