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How Confidence Brings Success!

Updated on November 23, 2017
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Imran is an anthropologist who coaches people in self improvement. He excels in communication.

Belief = Confidence

We know and talk much about confidence, but we don't always show that magical quality. Do we??
Reasons can be many. Lack of interest can be one of them. Inadequate knowledge affects the overall experience too.
The level of confidence depends on the degree of interest. If you have interest as well as liking for any task, you triumph in the most impressive way.
In order to succeed, you must believe in yourself. When your belief is shaky, your performance can be ordinary or average.
But when your faith (in yourself) is sufficient, you give an extraordinary result.
This hub talks about how confidence brings success by defeating the weaknesses, deficiencies, and errors.

How to Succeed?

If you ask, 'How to build confidence?' and get successful, the simple answer is to display these two features:

  • 1) Quality
  • 2) Perfection

Both are intertwined. The impact of the result, however, depends on how perfectly you have proven yourself other than being only ordinary.

The entertaining example below shows how the guy wins the hearts of all the people present in the show. I bet it's proof to learn well about confidence and implement it too as you get entertained.

An entertaining proof

A Little Description

The guy had flaws.
Initially, the judges were a little confused about his gender. Also, he was (kind of) smirked at because of his body language.

Did that stop him to perform?

What kept him going?
The quality of his work and confidence in self.

At the end, everyone was quite impressed by him, and all the judges wanted him on their teams.

A Second Example

The lady knew she had to impress all.
She was successful because of the following two points:

  • The perfection with which she sang, and
  • The confidence with which she rocked.

That's the level of success I am talking about through this article.

Do you think you have it in you?
I think you Do!

9 Ways Confidence Brings Success

  • 1) Energy

The force and multitude of the vigor in you will collect the admiration and fascination from your target group. Your energy will come out naturally as the tasks you do are your forte.

  • 2) Positivity

Being nervous doesn't mean you become negative. Communication that is put across optimistically has its own strength of surety. So always be positive.

  • 3) Humor

As you know the task, you also know the basics.
Stick to that and you won't make grave mistakes.
In the process, don't be dry and dull.
The best way is to smile and make others laugh.
This doesn't mean you have to memorize jokes. The activity or task will give many occasions to build light and funny moments.

  • 4) Tact

You should do what you like. If you don't like what you do, find a way to like it. If you are tactful, whether you like the task or not, you will sound confident.

  • 5) Interaction

When you interact with the group of people involved in the activity that you carry out, you gauge how better you can convince individuals or masses.

  • 6) Charm

Charming doesn't mean you must look extremely gorgeous.
Looks are natural. Not all are blessed with beauty and handsomeness.
Sharply use the skills and features you have. If you are more impactful than the ones who have the rest of the other qualities that you lack, you are a better charmer than them. That's how you will please your connections.

  • 7) Pleasantness

Be presentable, be pleasant.
You know what I mean.
As you have read this article so far, I am confident you have understood what does being pleasant imply!

  • 8) Communication

Keep your communication neither too simple nor too complicated. Your speech must have a command so that your audience remembers you for reasons one too many.

  • 9) No fillers

'Um,' like,'' I mean,'' you know,' etc are not the words of confidence. Don't let them come in your way.

How to Never Fail?

Whatever job, chore or duty you have chosen, if you do not want to fail in that, develop a liking and interest for it.
I have used the word 'fail' because we are not always lucky to do things as we like.
For tasks forced upon you or anybody else, find a way to do it confidently. Trust me, you are intelligent and talented to find the most agreeing way that should work in your favor. Your clever brain is enough capable to change your mindset to think positively, so it will smoothen the way of doing dislikeable things with ease. All you need to do is, psyche yourself up to attract some of your deserving attention.
That's how you become confident to meet goals. At least, the minimum expected accomplishment can be easily achieved with negligible or no highlight of criticism and fault.

A Real Story on Confidence

Ali went for a job interview. He actually didn't want that job as the position was not what he was looking for. Still he was determined to clear the interview. It was for a reputed brand. He had to clear three rounds on the first day itself. Then, they gave him a task of visiting their stores and observe their way of working. He took that task sportingly and got back to the interviewers with his crafty observations. It took two days for the whole interview process to get over.

Ali's weakest point was that his experience was not exclusive from the field of the said job, so, most of his talking was merely bluffing on his part.
However, his strength was the confidence he showed in his talks.

Well, HRs cannot be fooled, so Ali was careful not to raise a high level of skepticism and doubt. But because his experience was not that reliable, the smart HR was not entirely convinced.
The litte suspicious HR made Ali go through another short interview with his manager which, Ali successfully cleared.

In the whole process, Ali got a mixed vibe, but simultaneously, he enjoyed the thrill in the atmosphere.

The result was, Ali cleared the interview even though he was firm, inflexible, and had refused to work in other branches other than the one allotted to him.

What made him succeed?
The confidence with which he handled the entire situation. He made sure, whatever he said (even if bluffing), had reality in it.

Was he flawless?
No, he goofed up on some questions. It raised suspicion. But later, he filled the gap by tackling the rest of the interview efficiently through wisdom, effective communication, and faith in himself.

The point is, limitations or goof ups will pop up unexpectedly or suddenly. That's not failure. That's just a problem. The one you can resolve (with tact and sharpness). Don't become absent minded in any such situation(s). You will fail only if you lose your confidence.

And when you handle any task or situation by showing (genuine) interest (whether you like it or not), and if you do it through self-belief and essential communication, also by being resourceful (of your qualities and talents), you will cleverly succeed in the correct way. That will make you stronger, wiser, and more admirable than before.

That's how confidence brings success!

© 2017 Imran Khan


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    • pen promulgates profile image

      Imran Khan 2 months ago from Mumbai, India

      @ Kari, thanks.

      I totally agree with you :)

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 2 months ago from Ohio

      I agree with you 9 points. Appearing confident is a learned skill. Sometimes you just have to fake confidence. These are wonderful points for that situation. :)