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How Fragile We Are

Updated on February 22, 2012

How Fragile We Are

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

How fragile we are, how breakable; hiding behind our technology we bolster the illusion of strength and dominance. In essence we are vulnerable, fearful and prone to doubt. Humanity is an anomaly, weak and distrustful yet arrogant and delusional. We plunder our earths riches without consideration and ignore the consequence, justification through conceited belief. If nature were at all vengeful, we would be dead already. Instead, we suffer the slow demise of our world through the ramifications of balance, the natural order.

How can intelligent beings disregard their environment to such levels of destruction, when the evidence of folly is so obvious, palpable? It proves how shallow we are, how blinded by short-sightedness, wealth and power we remain, focused on self-gain and nothing more.

In Nature, everything is in balance or achieving that balance. Yes, there are predators, death and renewal; survival drives the natural world. But this is not wanton destruction; it is working eco-systems that exist in balance. It is not just the environment we have mistreated; it is all living species on earth that suffer because of our intervention. How many species have died out because of our greed, our eradication of natural habitats?

Now, the natural order is fighting hard to sustain balance and we with all living creatures will suffer because of it. We are beyond a clean slate and it will take considerable change and time to restore the earth to balance.

Our arrogance as a species is unfathomable. We spend half our time destroying the environment and the other half trying to kill one another. Humanity is a blight on our planet, inconceivably ignorant and self-obsessed. Perhaps our arrogance is a facade to conceal our fragility and ineptitude.

The longer we exist the more books on abnormal psychology are written. Our ability to think and make choices has driven us to ground, wallowing in our neuroses and psychoses. We are weak and prone to self-deception, delusions and beliefs in absurd paradigms and ideologies. We form groups of common belief because we are weak and insecure and then become pawns of someone else’s aspirations of control and power. We can think as individuals but follow blindly as sheep, unwilling to resist group mentality. We have capability, but resign it to meaningless conventions and null any singular creativity or being singled out in the crowd.

We are indeed imperfect beings, as we know, yet we flaunt our superiority like omniscient beings. Reality is seen best in the natural world, because there is no mentality to distort or manipulate it. The answers to all human problems remain in that arena, if only we would use our abilities to learn what is important for our world and not just us as individuals.

I have stood on this platform before, many times in fact, and it’s hard to stop, considering the lack of change in thinking. There must be a conscience out there somewhere, people who understand where this is going. I know everyone wants peace but until we embrace the reality and practice what we think in our day-to-day lives, there will never be change.

How fragile we are in our demise, crying inconsolably for all our sins, yet having never done anything about them; letting them define us. God does not desert us in our hour of tribulation, we have deserted ourselves. Common sense...prevail.


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