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How Gatar Good Organization is helping Solve the Problem of Hunger and Poverty

Updated on June 28, 2017

Approximately 1.5 people live under abject poverty in the world today. The high rate by which people die of hunger is a sign of escalating poverty in many parts of the world. Poverty leads to malnourishment and therefore death. Indeed, poverty is the main cause of death as a result of hunger. It is with this consciousness that the “Gatar Good” was established by the University of Florida so as to encourage individuals and the community to utilize their time, resources, energy and to collaborate with the goal of tackling the challenges.

Among the ways in which individuals and communities are requested to help in addressing the poverty problem is by donating their resources, time and ideas to create awareness on the existence and how to address hunger. Resources can be in terms of providing food to hunger stricken areas, providing financial support to facilitate food provision and/or providing logistical support for such an endeavor. Members of the Gator Good are also encouraged to volunteer some of their time in working for organizations that deal with hunger and poverty, as well as in bringing ideas that can help address the matter. Activities that can be done in such organizations could be soliciting and receiving donations, working as organizers, drivers, distribution of food and other items, cleanness and other manual work.

The Gator Good initiative encourages people to share their stories and ideas in relation to hunger and the possible solutions. This implies that the Gator Good understands the significance of creating understanding and awareness to the world in regard to the status of poverty and hunger as well as on what people go through in many parts of the world. Indeed, understanding is a key factor and a key step towards finding solutions to alleviate world poverty.


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