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How I Define Success At Age 23

Updated on May 20, 2017

The ability to be a sponge. To absorb everything going on around you. Whether it’s work, relationships, new friends, or a situation you have never been in before.

7 months ago I entered the real world and began absorbing everything around me. I’ve learned about failing, paying bills, different relationships, and self-growth. I have used my past experiences as a backbone and have built a strong structure around it.

I tell myself - you will fail, you will have no idea what is going on, and you will be confused. Failing and being lost is a big part of finding success. In those moments you need to be a sponge. Fail your way to success. If you can be a sponge you will figure it out. Learn from the people around you who already have that experience and that knowledge. They have failed their way to success.

I strongly believe that if I am a sponge I will succeed. Age 23 is the age to absorb everything around you and set yourself up for success.

Be a sponge and success will come.


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