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How Is the End Of the World Working Out For You?

Updated on March 27, 2015

End of the World

It is always the end of somebody's world.

In the first place, people die, or move away or things change.

In the second place we change, or move away or die.

It is actually pretty difficult for us to imagine a way of being that is entirely different from our own.

Since we are mortal and have a beginning and an end, it is difficult to imagine an eternal universe that moves right along whether we or even our kind are here to watch it or not.

2nd Coming

Almost all of the world's great religions have both a creation myth that explains the beginning of everything and and destruction myth that explains the end of everything.

Everyone now living was way too late to get in on the creation of the universe. But it it's not too late to get in on the end of everything.

It seems sad to some folks to die without knowing the end of the story and so they predict that the end is near and that it will come in their life times.

Charlatans and Mountebanks

There are those who predict Armageddon Apocalypse purely as a money making procedure. Generally you can tell if the person, group or organization is selling souvenirs for the end times. If we are all about to die, who is going be around to admire the souvenirs?

People who espouse the end times or the end of the world as we know it but still manage to accumulate land, money or other things of value to our current world system are also deeply suspicious. God does not need spare change so if you are truly his spokesman, why do you?

Party At the End of the World

The End of the World is a good excuse for a wild party. In fact, that is my favorite reason to follow doomsday prophecies. It's an excuse for another wild party.

For those who do tend to get antsy about such things, mankind has been predicting dates and times for the end of the world since the beginning of forever. My best guess for when the world will end is to look at the calendar for the day when nobody predicts anything will happen. That would be one scary day!!!


The numerically challenged think that Angels, or God or the universe is fascinated by trivial juxtapositions of numbers on a strictly human calendar.

Well, maybe if they wan't to goof on us to show the universe how gullible we are.

There are those who say that mass numerology cults are weapons of mass deception. Maybe.

The idea is that playful Angels are drawing our attention to the master soul number 11 by causing clocks and watches to catch our eyes. Sounds lame.

How about a miracle in which all amputees grow new and useful limbs or everyone in a wheelchair arises and walks?

Did you ever wonder why almost everything people classify as miracles can be done on a Hollywood movie set, or by an electronics hacker getting a hold of the master clocks or by hysterical people imagining they see something?

Truly miraculous stuff like Himalyas changing places with Rockies in the blink of an eye never seem to happen.


Don't know of anything yet that the seers and fakirs prognosticate for this date. I included it for numerical completeness.

12/12/12 or 12-21/2012

Some say it is end of the world according to Mayans.

Some say the Mayans ran out of rock on their Calendar stone.

Some say it is near the day of the earth's magnectic pole reversal.

Some say watch for coronal mass ejection on this date.

Still others say look out for the super volcano that is supposed to take out a chunk of North America.

Guess we will have to wait and see.

Planet X: Nibiru

Some believe there is a hidden planet that will reach out and smack the earth at an inopportune moment. It's called Planet X or Planet Nibiru. Having an object large enough to snuff out all life on earth but either small enough or stealthy enough to leave no discernible effects or other objects in the solar system would be an interesting phenomenon.


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