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How Mental Illness Can Be Based On Circumstance

Updated on December 12, 2015

You Never Know What Is Truly Going On With Someone Unless You Ask

Mental illness has been a controversial subject for generations. Anything can cause mental instabilities. Then there are genetics that cause people to be born with Asperger’s and down syndrome. All that aside...let’s break it all down.

When It Comes “Learning Disabilities”

Everybody has a different way of learning. Nobody is stupid when it comes to learning any subject. There is more than one style of learning every subject in school. I struggled with Math because I wasn’t utilizing a different way of learning it from the way it was being taught in class. There may not be such a thing as a learning disability because of all the different ways to learn something. Some kids people may say to a kid with a "learning disability". "Oh how cute. She pretending to be a writer." or "She's pretending an actress." I say, "Actually, I am writer and I am an actress and I am going to be a director."

Mental Illness Is The State Of Your Mind

Everyone reacts differently to a certain situation based on their experience. Abuse, for instant, is going to be taken differently from someone who has never been abused as opposed to someone who has.

Abuse Scenario:

Someone is watching a movie about someone being hit by their spouse. The non-abused person’s response could be, “Oh my God, what a jerk. How can he do that to her?” Whereas the abused person’s response could be, “Brings back memories.”

A Random Situation:

A mother comes in to talk to her daughter about something the daughter needs to do as soon as possible. The daughter’s response is simply a “yes, mother.” The daughter will still choose to do it at her own convenience. But, it won’t phase the daughter at all if her mom keeps bugging her about it.

The daughter who was abused is more jumpy and defensive when it comes to any kind of priority. It is especially true if part of the abuse came from the home itself. The reaction will be totally different.

There is a thing I learned about in my group therapy called a trigger. A trigger in the therapeutic sense is negative reaction to a random situation that causes one to mentally revert back to an uncomfortable past experience.

For example: Alexis and Janet are best friends. Alexis is staying over at Janet’s place. Alexis is sleeping on the couch and Janet’s bed is in the living room with Alexis because the heat isn’t working in Janet’s bedroom. Alexis is used to getting up early because of her graveyard schedule at her job so she turns on the T.V. and plays a movie. It wakes Alexis up. Janet does this often, but this always drives Alexis bonkers, but usually she handles it and stays up for a little bit hoping Janet will go back to sleep or just naps later when Janet does. This time though, Alexis gets a angry. After calling Janet a name, Alexis moves the air mattress into her friend’s vacant bedroom to try to sleep there. Alexis tries to close her eyes and sleep. She can’t. She has a trigger. She begins hearing her ex-husband’s voice in her head.

Ex-husband: “Don’t call me names just because you’re unhappy in the marriage and want to be with somebody. You just want sex all the time. You’re acting like “bad name” not me.”
Alexis: You’re right, honey. I’m sorry. I love you.

Anybody is going to be labeled as "crazy" if nobody takes the time to get to know a person. Stop thinking you are better than everyone else and get to know them as a person first. Being close-minded about a person you know nothing about only makes you look stupid in the long run.

So because of this, therapists and mental health care professionals are going to assume that the abused person will need pills and extensive therapy. I agree that therapy is good because a person has to be willing to talk about what is going on with them. Some people hide from what is truly going on because they are too ashamed of themselves and they crave to be liked so much. If people knew all their faults then their biggest fear is that no one will like them.

A person like that doesn’t need meds. A person like that needs to be listened to by a non-judgmental person who has a willingness to listen to them.

No One Is A Victim

Everyone needs to own up to their mistakes. I’ve made plenty. Trusting the wrong people is my biggest issue. There is even no such thing as a rape victim because you learn to rise above your attacker. I’ve been raped by two different guys and I refuse to think of myself as a victim because that just means I have let them win and have power over me. Only you can make yourself a victim. You can choose to play a victim or you can choose to become a stronger person because of your experience. It’s really up to you in the end.

More On Learning

I am learning more now than I had in the past. I understand why things are the way are. It is partially because of all the negative. I see the truth because I am asking questions instead of just assuming things are a certain way and just letting it lie without finding it out for myself. You know that just because you read one thing from one person doesn’t mean that that one thing is based on hard core fact. Heck, I could be feed you all a bunch crap. It’s your decision in the long run.

I was taught that mental health pills are the answer to everything. For a while now, I’ve been trying to come up with a solution of why that is just a load of malarkey. Mental health professionals think the only way you can overcome a past experience is by taking meds. Yeah, if you are weak and don’t want to deal with it. I chose to deal with my issues. I chose not to be scared of my past situation by facing it. I divorced my husband because he chose not to deal with the issues of his past. I stayed in neutral with ex-husband because of I was afraid. This to me, was very scary. (There will be more on all this in my second book.) I don’t even believe my ex-husband is bipolar. He told me to have faith of a mustard seed. Kinda sad coming from someone who doesn’t even have faith to begin with.

Everyone wants an answer. The answer is that there is no answer. Buck up and go on, buddy. Keep moving forward mentally even while you’re idle physically. Never stop learning. Don’t be curious because that never stops. You just need to feed the learning half of your brain that we all choose to ignore. The more we know, the more terrifying our world becomes.

Mental Health Care professionals choose to label a person according to symptoms of a particular illness rather than treating the person as a person instead of as a guinea pig.

That's Just The Way Things Are

Why? It doesn’t have to be that way. I refuse to just leave believe that. We are all told “no” in society because of fear. Society fears our vast knowledge. We could accomplish so much more if we didn’t listen to that junk and just did what we wanted to do. There would be less crime if society was more lenient.

People get paid a limited amount at their jobs to control spending, but yet more businesses are opening more and more everyday so we are forced to spend beyond our means. Then we purchase cheap goods and services that are unsatisfying or making us sick. Low to middle class society can’t afford to keep a rich person rich or to make them richer, but that’s how we all live.

In conclusion, society wants us all to have mental illnesses because that’s how they control each and every one of us. It needs to stop!

The Truth Behind Suicidal Thoughts And Actions

A person whom has never attempted it before is going to poke fun at suicide especially when it comes to suicidal acts. Why does one have them? What is wrong with the person? The person must have real issues, right? No. There is nothing wrong with them. They’re at the end of their rope because people they reach out to refuse to listen. The warning signs are all there. They are reaching out to someone who they believe they can trust and the person they reach out pushes them aside because of their own fears, lack of understanding and no willingness to listen. The person just doesn’t want to deal with it because their lives are more important than the “delusional doucharama” who refuses to help themselves.

Personally, I have done cutting once and attempted suicide twice. It goes beyond having a knife phobia and “mental issues”. At first, all the rambling about this person is doing is “all talk” at first. They seek attention from someone who will listen with a caring ear and not judge. “Here’s a suicide hotline. Call someone who cares because I sure don’t. Nor do I have time to deal with your ignorance. Leave me alone.” All someone needs to hear is, “Everything will be okay. Stay positive.” Hmm, I wonder if that quote fits in a tweet!

Keep this in mind, a person can ramble on forever about threatening to hurt themselves, but it’s when a person is quiet that you should fear the worst. Because it’s never what a person says, it’s what they don’t.

Savin' Me by Nickelback


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      " Stop thinking you are better than everyone else and get to know them as a person first. Being close-minded about a person you know nothing about only makes you look stupid in the long run." Exactly!!! I'm so glad you finally are able to comprehend this. Great job!!!

    • Amanda Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Meredith McLarty 

      3 years ago from Sioux City, IA

      Sometimes medication is useful, but some doctors tend to jump the gun with certain people. Therapy should be number one before deciding on whether or not medications should be prescribed. I had a bad experience with medications. I had trouble understanding my feelings and no medication can change that. Those type of medications deal with the brain not the heart.

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      You seem to have it in for medication in all respects and I politely disagree that medication is always bad, because every person will react differently to medication. I have extreme Clinical Depression and generalized Anxiety - for me, medication was the first step in getting my brain chemistry back on track so that I did have the energy and motivation to better myself. It certainly shouldn't be a crutch and not something for the long term (unless you have a serious condition that require meds for survival of course).


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