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How Not To Get Bored When Studying - Top Tips

Updated on March 22, 2014

Introduction - Why Education? Why Study?

First things first. This introduction will explain to you why education is important and how it can make your future brighter. People regard education as a distraction from their social lives, so they tend to mess about in school and do what they went, they can go ahead and do this if they want to work in a dirt-ridden takeaway. Yet they give the argument that you won't need education to have a good future, and surprisingly i agree with this. However, I'm not saying that you should not pass your exams as it will make no difference to your future endeavors; i'm saying the opposite. If you pass your exams, it will give a HIGHER chance to get into a good career that you want to do, and enjoy the income as well as the dream job. If you don't pass your exams, realistically you will have a higher chance of working in a takeaway. Of course it is very hard work, but after passing your exams, you can go into university and do a course that you love; be it from game design to a physicist. Then after that you can work wherever you want to work, in a company or independently, it doesn't matter as you are doing what you love, and that is the beauty of education; it provides you countless opportunities for the world of work.

So this simple guide will provide the top tips with your studying and more importantly help prevent any boredom; as boredom is one of the more significant barriers for studying. There are many ways to study, you don't have to sit down with some paper and a pen. So here are my top tips.

Motivation - Believe to Succeed!

Motivation is of course one of the main counters to prevent boredom in revision. As long as you stay motivated, there will be an unlikely chance to get bored. So ask a family member or friend to explain their success story and their school life. Look on the internet for people who succeeded in education and are actually in their dream jobs. More importantly, remember how lucky you are that you have the opportunity to receive education; as many people throughout the world desire education as much as they desire food and water. Motivation can make or break your exam preparation and it's best to stay and maintain motivation before you follow the other tips.

Stay Organised!

Before you start revision, you will need to stay organised so gather your equipment and create a timetable that you can follow until the exams. Doing this can stop you from stressing which subjects you should study on what days. There are many different timetables you can make, but the most common is following a consistent arrangement every week. I prefer this way, as i use this arrangement and it is very helpful.

Silence or Light Music - Not as Boring as you Think

Unwanted noise can be a distraction from your revision and can enhance boredom as you just can't be bothered to study due to this distraction. So try to study in a quiet place like in your bedroom; which i highly suggest as explained in the next tip. Furthermore, Make sure that the room is clean as you just simply can't study in a messy room. Light music can also help with studying and is actually more preferred than no music as it helps you relax and can stop you from stressing when studying. This tip can prevent any distraction or boredom and can boost your concentration when studying.

The Bedroom can be a Revision Tool!

Your bedroom can be a tool for revision; i use my bedroom to stick A4 or sticky notes on the walls filled with small but important notes from certain subjects. So whenever i walk into my room, i can read the notes and can subconsciously remember the formulas or facts without trying to remember. This can help you with your revision as it ultimately makes it easier because even at times when you are not revising you're still picking up information from the notes on the walls. So take off your one direction posters and stick on those revision notes! So when the exams are over you can take them off and redecorate however you want.

Studying with Friends or Family

This tip depends on the student, if you're an independent learner, then it is best to revise yourself. if you're a dependent one, then this tip is probably the best for you. Studying with friends or family can significantly help you and it provides so much benefits. For example, if you are stuck on a particular topic in a subject, and the other person knows how to do it; he/she can basically teach you how to do it and vice versa . So it's like having a teacher and being a teacher, which can help you remember a lot of stuff. So do as best as you can to revise with other people.

Take Advantage of the Internet

Staying in your bedroom with a pen and paper isn't the only way to study. you can use technology and the virtual world to help with your revision. there are many study websites that can help, but i believe the best website ever globally is: Khan Academy. It is an international website where teachers can sign up as coaches and students sign up as learners and can be taught by their teachers at home. Parents can also sign up to monitor the student's progress. But the main feature of Khan Academy is the community; the teachers of Khan Academy upload videos explaining how to do a particular topic in a subject. For example, one video shows how to do differentiation in maths, or charges of particles in physics. This can help you prevent boredom as you interact with many people in a virtual school where everybody can help each other. So i suggest doing this as part of your studying.


I hope this tips helped you relieved your boredom and helped you with your revision. I would appreciate any feedback from you; so i posted a poll below, and you can comment whether this hub was helpful. If there is any questions you can ask, please ask your question in the comments section and i will try my best to answer it.

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