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How Old is the Earth?

Updated on October 8, 2010

Since writing this hub I have had several intriguing conversations and arguments on the validity of the Biblical claims that the world is only 6,400 some odd years old. These arguments can not go unanswered. In the spirit of learning, I will go further in depth on research of such things as carbon 14 dating and actual calendar calculations. I would love for this to be a conversational hub, with you posting your thoughts and opinions on carbon dating and Biblical claims.

Have you ever wondered how old the earth really is? Do scientist's theories of fossils being millions of years old really match up with the oldest know historical document? By taking key dates from the Bible we are able to determine what the Bible says as the creation of earth to our now modern day. If these calculations from the Bible are correct, we have to question all scientific dating methods. It makes you think how they date fossils and dinosaur bones back so far back when the Bible contradicts those theories.

Could the dating methods be inaccurate? Maybe the flood waters generated some kind of carbon build up in these fossils to complicate the dating process? Whatever the reason if you believe in the scriptures then you should have a ton of questions after previewing the next geneology I am about to show you. Feel free to grab a Bible to check my accuracy. If you have any questions feel free to ask. The earth is old, but I don't think it's as old as most would like to think. I am more biased to believing it is 6,000 years old rather than millions of years old for the soul fact that our technology era has been over the last few hundred years. Are you telling me that there weren't brilliant minds millions of years ago? There had to be. Think of it this way. Now everyone that exists on this earth is inbred somewhere down the line. Internal breeding causes deformities. Just as you may see an inbred dog or a mutt, they usually aren't as smart as a purebred. So I've made my case. Enjoy and feel free to contact me for further questions.

The Bible gives us years that each offspring was born. It states the Father's year of age, but we are uncertain if the father was for example 34 years 1 day old or as old as 34 years 364 days old so we will use the +1 year estimation.

Genesis 5:1 Adam, the first man is created.           4,414 BC

Genesis 5:3 Seth born when Adam is 130              4,284 BC

Genesis 5:6 Enosh born when Seth is 105             4,179 BC

Genesis 5:9 Kenan born when Enosh is 90             4,089 BC

Genesis 5:12 Mahalalel born when Kenan is 70      4,019 BC

Genesis 5:15 Jared born when Mahalalel is 65        3,954 BC

Genesis 5:18 Enoch born when Jared is 162            3,792 BC

Genesis 5:21 Methuselah born when Enoch is 65     3,727 BC

Genesis 5:25 Lamech born when Methuselah is 187 3,540 BC

Genesis 5:28 Noah born when Lamech is 182           3,358 BC

Genesis 7:11 Flood starts when Noah is 600             2,758 BC

Genesis 8:13 Ark comes to rest when Noah is 601    2,757 BC

Earth's creation to the Ark landing was approximately 1,657 years

Genesis 11:10 Arphaxad born 2 years after the flood 2,755 BC

Genesis 11:12 Shelah born when Arphaxad is 35       2,720 BC

Genesis 11:14 Eber born when Shelah is 30              2,690 BC

Genesis 11:16 Peleg born when Eber is 34                2,656 BC

Genesis 11:18 Reu born when Peleg is 30                 2,626 BC

Genesis 11:20 Serug born when Reu is 32                 2,594 BC

Genesis 11:22Nahor born when Serug is 30               2,564 BC

Genesis 11:24 Terah born when Nahor is 29              2,535 BC

Genesis 11:26 Abram born when Terah is 70              2,465 BC

Genesis 21:5 Isaac born when Abram is 100               2,365 BC

Genesis 25:26 Jacob (Israel) born when Isaac is 60    2,305 BC

Genesis 47:9 Jacob goes to Egypt at the age of 130   2,175 BC

Patriarch Period lasted for approximately 582 years

1,745 BC Exodus 12:40 Israel leaves Egypt 430 years later

1,670 BC Joshua 24:29 Joshua dies at 110 years
(Joshua was Moses' helper for 40 years, Joshua was probably at least 20 years old when they left Egypt. His reign was probably between 20 and 25 years in the promised land.)
We can determine the period lasted around 75 years

1,605 BC Judges 2:10 The entire generation that crossed into the promised land dies.
(We will assume that this took at least 40 years, but could have taken as much as 90 years (less than 20 years old would not count as the adult generation, and Joshua lived 110 years).)
We assume this period lasted 65 years

The Slavery and Loyal Generation Period lasted 570 years

1,597 BC Judges 3:8 Israel is oppressed by King Cushan-Rishathaim for 8 years

1,557 BC Judges 3:11 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Judge Othniel for 40 years

1,539 BC Judges 3:14 Israel is oppressed by King Eglon for 18 years

1,459 BC Judges 3:30 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Judge Ehud & Judge Shamgar for 80 years

1,439 BC Judges 4:2 Israel is oppressed by King Jabin for 20 years

1,399 BC Judges 5:31 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Prophetess Deborah for 40 years

1,392 BC Judges 6:1 Israel is oppressed by the Midianites for 7 years

1,352 BC Judges 8:28 Israelis devoted to the Lord under Judge Gideon for 40 years

1,349 BC Judges 9:22 Israel is oppressed by King Abimelech for 3 years

1,326 BC Judges 10:1 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Judge Tola for 23 years

1,304 BC Judges 10:3 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Judge Jair for 22 years

1,286 BC Judges 10:7 Israel is oppressed by the Philistines and the Ammonites for 18 years

1,280 BC Judges 12:7 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Judge Jephthah for 6 years

1,273 BC Judges 12:9 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Judge Ibzan for 7 years

1,263 BC Judges 12:11 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Judge Elon for 10 years

1,255 BC Judges 12:13 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Judge Abdon for 8 years

1,215 BC Judges 13:1 Israel is oppressed by the Philistines for 40 years

1,195 BC Judges 16:29 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Judge Samson for 20 years

1,165 BC Judges 17 There is no Judge over Israel. Everyone justifies their own actions
An educated guess is that this lasted anywhere from 30 to 70 years

1,125 BC 1 Samuel 4:18 Israel is devoted to the Lord under Judge Ili for 40 years  

1,124 BC 1 Samuel 6:1 Ark of the Covenant in Philistine possession for 7 months    

1,104 BC 1 Samuel 7:2 Ark of the Covenant in the care of the men of Kiriath Jearim for 20 years

1 Samuel 7:15 Samuel is Israel's last Judge

1,084 BC He must have judged when the Ark was in Kiriath Jearim, for an additional 20 years 

The Judges Period lasted approximately 521 years 377 good years / 144 bad years

1 Kings 6:1 explains more of the Israeli Calendar data

1 Samuel 13:1 King Saul rules Israel for 42 years    1,042 BC

1 Kings 2:10 King David rules Israel for 40 years     1,002 BC

1 Kings 11:42 King Solomon rules Israel for 40 years  962 BC

1 Kings 14:19 King Jeroboam rules Israel for 22 years 940 BC

1 Kings 15:25 King Nadab rules Israel for 2 years        938 BC

1 Kings 15:33 King Baasha rules Israel for 24 years     914 BC

1 Kings 16:8 King Elah rules Israel for 2 years              912 BC

1 Kings 16:23 King Omri rules Israel for 12 years          900 BC

1 Kings 16:29 King Ahab rules Israel for 22 years          878 BC

1 Kings 22:51 King Ahaziah rules Israel for 2 years        876 BC

2 Kings 3:1 King Joram rules Israel for 12 years             864 BC

2 Kings 10:36 King Jehu rules Israel for 28 years           836 BC

2 Kings 13:1 King Jehoahaz rules Israel for 17 years      819 BC

2 Kings 13:10 King Jehoash rules Israel for 16 years      803 BC

2 Kings 14:23 King Jeroboam II rules Israel for 41 years 762 BC

2 Kings 15:8-13 King Zechariah (0.5 years) and then King Shallum

(0.1 years) rule Israel for 0.6 years                                   761 BC

2 Kings 15:17 King Menahem rules Israel for 10 years 751 BC

2 Kings 15:23 King Pekahiah rules Israel for 2 years   749 BC

2 Kings 15:27 King Pekah rules Israel for 20 years      729 BC

2 Kings 17:1 King Hoshea rules Israel for 9 years        720 BC

697 BC 2 Kings 18:1 King Hezekiah rules Judah for 29 years during King Hoshea's 3rd year.  

2 Kings 21:1 King Manasseh rules Judah for 55 years   642 BC

2 Kings 21:19 King Amon rules Judah for 2 years           640 BC

2 Kings 22:1 King Josiah rules Judah for 31 years          609 BC

2 Kings 23:31 King Jehoahaz rules Judah for 0.25 years 609 BC

2 Kings 23:36 King Jehoiakim rules Judah for 11 years   598 BC

2 Kings 24:8 King Jehoiahin rules Judah for 0.25 years   598 BC

2 Kings 24:18 King Zedekiah rules Judah for 11 years

587 BC 2 Kings 25:9 The first temple is burned down and destroyed 

Kings Period lasted at least 497 years

Josiah becomes King of Judah                 640 BC

Jeremiah becomes a prophet                   627 BC

Daniel taken captive to Babylon                605 BC

Jewish exiles return to Jerusalem              538 BC

New temple was built in Jerusalem            516 BC

Ezra returns to Jerusalem                         458 BC

Nehemiah builds Jerusalem wall                445 BC

Malachi becomes a prophet In the year     430 BC

The earth would have been created in 4414 BC (give 155 years or take 90 years)

2,010 AD Present day:

Pertaining to the Bible the earth is 6,424 years old (give 155 years or take 90 years)

Meaning the earth is between 6,334 - 6,579 years old


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    • Helen Bolam profile image

      Helen Bolam 6 years ago from South Shields

      Nice to see someone going to the Bible for the earth's age. Very refreshing. Creation makes much more sense and logic than evolution. Genesis CH1 v1.

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      This is better than carbon 14 dating by scientists. Thanks, Jesse! Rated it up!