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How Quartz Rock's are Made

Updated on September 22, 2010

 Two of the different quartz rock formation methods are Intrusive Igneous and Thermal Metamorphism. When an intrusive igneous quartz rock is created it is known as a pegmatitic rock, this means that the quartz rock was formed below the earth's surface through the crystallization of magma. When a metamorphic quartz rock is formed it is formed through the process known as thermal metamorphism. Thermal metamorphism is a process of formation due to a change in temperature and pressure conditions. Sandstone is converted in to quartz rock with extremely high temperatures combined with low pressure.

The Ancient Egyptians and other ancient civilisations used quartz rock to make small vessels and ornaments. The Ancient Egyptians source quartz rock from the Western Desert between the Bahariya Oasis and the Fayum before carving the rocks in to funeral vessels, beads, eye corneas in artificial eyes and decorations. Carved ornaments from quartz rocks were popular decoration on ancient weaponary such as Tutankhamun's iron dagger which has a quartz handle.


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