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How Speedly we think and react

Updated on September 5, 2009

How speedily do we think

 In the times past it was held that the thought takes place at the fastest speed possible.  The expression is explained. As quick as thought.

 Now we know that the thought travels along a nerve fibre in our body, like an impulse.  This speed can be measured accurately, and surprisingly the thought turns out to be a slow process.

A nerve pulse has a speed of about 240 kms. Per hour. Comparing the speed, a message outside our body can be carried more quickly than from one part to another part, wihtin our body.  Telephone, raido, televisionconvey messages far more swiftly than our nerves do. A thought, travelling by nerve, from Newyork to Chicago would arrive hours later than the one transmitted through telegraph, telephone, radio or T.V.,

 Something, when happens to our toe, it takes a while for that impulse to be received by our brain.  Suppose there is a giant with head in Alaska and feet in South Africa, and is bitten by a shark at the toe on Monday morning,t he brain would know it only after Wednesday night.In the event of deciding to pull the toe out of water, it would take rest of the week to send that thought back to the foot.

Different types of signals make us react at different speeds.  We react more quickly to sound than to light, more quickly to bright light than to dull light, more quickly to red than to white and more quickly to something unpleasant than to something pleasant.

Thoughts are sent ny everybody’s nervous system at a slightly different speed. This is why, certain people react more quickly to signals than others.


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