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How Technology in the Classroom May Influence Creativity among Children

Updated on November 5, 2012

Technology in the Classroom

Technology is a great tool for the advancement of education! Technology in classrooms helps students enhance their abilities to be innovative and therefore, creative. It makes them capable of designing their ideas around what they understand. It is a true fact that observation helps in learning many new things. This observation also makes children think how to improve or create something intriguing. Thus incorporating a technology learning environment in the class room is very beneficial for students to open their keen intellect up to the possibilities and opportunities society has.

Creativity in Classrooms

Creativity is an unending process in which new ideas are formed depending upon older ideas or from a new perception. Creativity is benefited from the use of technology in the process of learning and education. There are a number of technologies that provide varieties of contents and fulfill different purposes in a classroom. Communication knowledge is promoted through email, organization skills are acquired by students through spreadsheet programs, comprehending of many concepts are developed through modeling soft wares. Even though technologies like tool based applications, online information, closed circuit television channels and distance learning classrooms are in use nowadays, the above mentioned technologies can prove to be very excellent teaching tools that can enhance the creativity in them.

Technology and Creativity

Students are highly interested in using technology. Listed below are some methods in which students can integrate and express what they know thereby showcase their creativity.

  • Internet based tasks like web quests can be encouraged within the classroom.
  • Students can be made to design a room by their own with the help of some computer aided soft wares like Google SketchUP.
  • Allow students to write in a more natural and comfortable form by using technologies such as Word processors, photo stories and computer DJ systems.These help them exercise their creative abilities.
  • Teachers can incorporate technologies like graphics, animation, video editing, and music production while teaching any lesson regardless of the subject.
  • Students should be made to create animations to elaborate on books read, bring awareness to certain causes, or extend the curriculum outside of the classroom.

Modern technology like computer is expected to play different roles like to provide learning opportunity, to increase the basic skill and knowledge and also to develop basic and creative thinking. Moreover this helps students to be aware of anything within a few seconds. Any topic is made very easy through this technology.

Benefits of Technology in Schools

Educators must be strategic while incorporating technology because it should maximize the benefits that students receive from them. Students’ creativity can be enhanced in a classroom only if they are exposed to the right tools.

Teachers should incorporate the tech in such a way that will allow students to really discover new and meaningful learning opportunities. Students can use technology to communicate with friends, complete homework, and stay abreast of current events without exerting much effort at all.

The use of technology in classrooms gives children a strong self esteem, sense of belonging, a way to connect and reflect on their ideas around learning. Teachers should have their own ideology in using technology for their students and need to ponder how this process influences their students learning.

Technology integration is not just machinery but is about mindset. So it plays a vital role in students to be creative in the classroom and beyond.


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