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How To Become A Substitute Teacher in Idaho

Updated on July 12, 2010
English teacher, Flickr-ben100
English teacher, Flickr-ben100

If you live in Idaho and are looking for a part-time job, why not consider becoming a substitute teacher?

Substitute teaching is also a good way to test out teaching as a career before spending money on a college degree in education.

If you want to substitute teach in Idaho, you will find no shortage of substitute teaching jobs. There are substitute teaching positions in Idaho at both private schools and public schools.

Generally speaking, there are fewer requirements to be a substitute teacher in Idaho at private schools. This is because they do not report to the school board or the school district. Of course, that is not to say that is it hard to get a substitute teacher job at an Idaho public school.

In Idaho, the minimum requirement throughout the state to be able to substitute teach is just a high school diploma. A GED will suffice as well. If you are in a larger school district where there is a lot of competition for substitute teaching gigs, you may encounter more requirements, such as a substitute teacher certification.

When a large number of applicants flood the school district with applications to substitute teach in Idaho, the minimum requirements are raised to having to be enrolled in a teaching degree program at college.

In Idaho, there are two classes of substitute teachers:

  • Classified substitutes
  • Non-classified substitutes

Classified substitutes are substitute teachers that hold a Bachelors degree in any subject. So, all you need to be a classified substitute is a four-year college degree.

In the more urban areas, only classified substitutes are used in Idaho classrooms.

Keep in mind that private schools are totally different. In fact, private schools can, and do, allow anyone to be a substitute teacher - even in the urban areas. The problem is that the private school positions usually pay less.

Remember that substitute teaching does not come with benefits, even if you are lucky enough to land a permanent long-term substitute teaching assignment.

Visit your local Idaho school district or private school to apply as a substitute teacher.


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