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Expand Your Mind

Updated on July 15, 2015
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Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

Have you ever wanted to be smart by reaching your brains full potential? To be that man or woman that people come to for help and advice. Believe it or not, everybody has the potential of being smart. It just comes down to how much effort you are willing to put in. It really isn't that difficult and if you make a few simple changes in your life, you will find that you are an Einstein in the making.

First you should read as much as possible, books, leaflets, newspapers, flyers, billboards, posters, online blogs and articles, anything with information.

For example, if you find yourself waiting too long in a restaurant for your food and you don't have anything else to do, read the menu over and over while you wait. Read the wine list even if you are not planning on ordering a glass. One day in the future if somebody asks you what a good red wine is, you can recall the top rated bottles that you saw on the menu, or at least the most expensive ones. If somebody asks you what a Doro Wat is, you will be able to tell them that it's an Ethiopian chicken stew. You will know these things not because you traveled to Ethiopia of course, or because you are a master chef, or even a wine connoisseur, no, you will know these things because you took a few minutes out of your daily life to read a simple menu at some point during an evening out.

Now imagine how many menu's you can read in a life time, how many dishes and beverages you can discover? This information will be stored in your brain if you like it or not. This article you are reading this very second will even be stored in your brain for you to recall on at some point in your life.

Many people believe that not all information is stored in the brain, because at some point in their life they couldn't remember something that they had read. This is a misconception, everything is stored, it just takes practice recalling this information. This too can be practiced by the simple task of writing down a two digit number and coming back to it the next day and guessing what the number was that you wrote down. In time you would change this to a three digit number, four, five and so on. I started this a year back and even though I didn't do it religiously, I now find it easy to recall any fifteen digit number. Because of this task, I have found it easier also to recall other kinds of information that I have read.


If you can learn other languages other than your own then do so, if you don't feel that you can, then learn the basics of a few languages such as “Hello” and “Thank you”.

Read the newspaper and watch the news on the television everyday. Even if it is just five minutes of the day reading the headlines and watching the breaking news. Fill your brain with so much information that you become a magnet for it, because the more you read, the easier it will be to widen your general knowledge.

If you ever want to know the answer to something, no matter how trivial, get on the internet and find the answer. If you hear somebody use a word that you don't know, don't be afraid to stop them and ask them what it means, or look it up in a dictionary. Children are forever asking questions, and they are forever asking why? As adults we tend to stop asking questions and instead pretend to know what people are talking about, when in fact we haven't a clue. You only have to ask the questions once but the answers will stay with you forever.

If you don't enjoy reading as much as others, then try a different approach. Movies for instance are a very easy way to learn. Watch a movie based on a true story and you may find that all of a sudden you know a little more about history, science, Geography e.t.c. Movies cover everything that you may be interested in learning.

For example, If you are interested in “Black History” instead of reading a book on Malcolm x, why not try watching Spike Lee's movie "Malcolm X". Instead of reading a book on Nelson Mandela why not watch the movie “Goodbye Bafana” or David Oyelowo's amazing portrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. in the movie "Selma".

If you want to be educated by movies, then the next time you rent one, simply put a bit more thought behind which movie you pick. Nearly everybody in the country knows about the sinking of the Titanic. Do you think that if it wasn't for the movie "Titanic" by director James Cameron, as many people would still know about the British passenger liner sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean on the 15 April 1912?

Everything you read, watch and hear is stored in your brain. Start today by typing three topics into the internet that you have always been interested in or have wanted to know.

For example,

Mount Everest .... find out in a matter of minutes where it is, how tall it is and other amazing facts about it.

Prime numbers ... you will be amazed at how many adults have never really bothered to find out what a prime number is, if you don't know, find out now.

Populations ... find out what the population of London is compared to the likes of Paris and New York?

I can't stress how beneficial it will be to you, expanding your mind by following these simple steps. You may not receive any certificates or trophy's and you may not get a promotion at work any time soon. What you will get however is an even greater reward....a brain full of information that will make you wise beyond your years.


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    • equealla profile image

      equealla 6 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      In the end it will be only what is inside of us, that will go with us when we die. Knowledge is inside, and ever a good investment to make.

    • Bimendra gun profile image

      Bimendra gun 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Great hub,you're the best publisher I'had ever seen,keep on

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