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How to Boost Your Motivation to Study for the GED Exam

Updated on June 6, 2018
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Winnie is an expert test taker and advisor at GED Study Guide in Test Prep Toolkit.

Be An Eager-Beaver When It Comes To Studying For Your GED Test

You have been dreaming of that glorious day- holding a GED diploma with your name etched on it. How do you stop dreaming and actually take action to make your dream an achievable goal? You first have to muster a good amount of motivation to take the GED exam. Amp up your drive to go beyond your excuses, overcome the boredom and combat your feelings of procrastination. What motivation system should you adhere to make your GED diploma dream become a reality?

  • Find your motivating factors. How do you boost your motivation to study for and take the GED exam? Primarily you have to incite in yourself a solid inspiration. Why do you want to take the exam and obtain a GED certificate? Define your reasons- make that goal of yours worthy. Do you want to apply for a better paying job or qualify for a promotion? Maybe you want to go to college or join the military? A GED diploma is the key that will open the doors for you to enjoy these promising opportunities. As a GED certificate holder, you set a good example to your younger relatives and the community as well. With your diploma in hand, you’ll feel “super”, as if you can do anything. Undoubtedly, being holding a GED diploma will make you feel good about yourself.
  • Create a test prep and study schedule. Pull your planner out and find some available slots where you can insert your study times for the GED exam. Mark your study schedule in your calendar so that you can see a concrete reminder for it. That way, you will stay on track and your motivation will not wane. It doesn’t have to be tedious. A couple of hours (at least) allocated for your GED test prep can render you ready for the exam. If you cannot study for the complete duration of the hours, break your study time into 15 to 30 minute sessions. Remember to have your GED test prep schedule noted down and planned so that you can stay motivated to stick to it.
  • Set your GED exam date. This is to establish your finish line, so to speak. It’ll make you motivated and aware of what you are working for. Do you want to take the exam a few months later? In that case, you should contact your local GED testing center and register for a test date. Choose a date that works the best for you. When you have set an appointment for your GED exam, write it down in your calendar in big colorful letters and encircle it.
  • Ask a study partner to assist you. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a state of inertia when prepping up for the GED test. Why not find a study buddy? Making him or her your studying accomplice, they will keep you from stalling. You could ask for another GED test candidate to work with you on your studying. Otherwise, another high school or college student can sit with you as you each do your task of preparing for your particular exams. You don’t actually have to share your studying materials, but each other’s presence while you are both studying can boost your motivation. It’s a much better option than when you are left alone to your own devices while studying for the GED exam.

Obtaining a GED diploma can be a challenging feat. But with sufficient motivation, you can surmount such undertaking and be one step closer to achieving your personal, academic and career goals.


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