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How To Build An Awesome Minecraft Castle

Updated on August 23, 2014

No More Ordinary

I mean, let's face it, I've seen 7 year olds, my girlfriend, my father, my father's boss, AND my grandmother enjoy it! Of course they all start the same. They figure out the highly ideal mechanics behind punching trees and are soon erecting towers left and right, as though preparing for some inevitable tower-apocalyspe.

Eventually, however, they all reached the point where it was time to settle down and make themselves a warm loving home. And by that, I mean a square blockish castle with lava covered walls to fend off the nonexistent army of invaders.

I mean really, we've all made them.


Stop Using Cobblestone

Yes, it's readily available and kinda resembles stone. But unlike most materials used in the best bases/castles, the stone doesn't look clean nor organized. A little can be okay, but in mass quantities, the stuff just looks messy. And on top of that, people who have played the game for awhile develop natural appreciation for structures that aren't composed of cobblestone and dirt. No matter how big your castle is-- no matter how many towers and moats you have-- no true mine crafter is going to become obsessed with your architectural genius if your construction pallet consists of only mined stone.

Instead, try smelting the stuff. Yes, it takes a little bit more time, but clean stone and it's equivalent in stone bricks look SO much more impressive. My best creations have been made with these materials. And if that just doesn't match your style, go get some wood, sandstone, or even nether brick!

Avoid Basic Geometry

Squares just aren't cutting it anymore. There is certainly something to be said for arches and abstract ideas in this game! Unlike the human face, some of the most beautiful constructions are those of over exaggerating the lopsided features. If you look at all the best castles, they all have unique dissymmetry.

And my rule is to never leave a wall blank and flat. I consider it a sin if you do! If you can't add a window (and sometimes even if you can) so trimming and embellishment can do a world of wonders for the outward appearance of your project. And it never takes very much time to build some protruding pillars around the outside. Look at some of the pictures below to see what I mean by added detail.


Don't Be Afraid To Build Big

This was one of the hardest things for me to learn. Every time I began building something, I ended up with a structure that I couldn't add a lot of detail too. My advice? If you're someone who builds a basic outline frame for your castle on the ground before doing any upward construction, build until you think it is too big, then build it even bigger. It won't take you as much time as you think it will later on, and you'll find that you can actually start making little facets in your embellishments that show real detail, especially from a distance


And Never Forget the Inside

I can't express how disappointing it is to see a pretty cool castle, then venture inside only to see a barren room.

Have fun with it! Throw in some impressive staircases, some carpeted rooms, each having its own theme. Add more pillars and details, and make sure the windows don't look silly.

Bonus: Although it takes a little extra work, some of the best 'pieces of art' that I've seen don't have all of their floors on the same block level. In fact, the floor levels were all over the place and were connected through creative corridors and stairways!

Anyway, I hope I've perhaps given you a little something to work on. Understandably, if you play the game long enough, you'll probably come up with these ideas yourself.

That being said, thanks for reading!

Have any additional tips or comments? Leave a comment below!


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