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How To Choose Your Words Wisely In Your Personal And Professional Lives

Updated on May 12, 2017

How To Choose Your Words Wisely In Your Personal And Professional Lives

Being able to discern or communicate to another person in your personal and professional lives, is very critical.

There are people, who are in this world, that have this uncanny lack of tack, by just being able to stick their foot in their mouth, each and every time he or she opens their mouths.

When people say cruel things, he or she will always find excuses for what was said.

**NOTE** Personally, I do not tolerate excuses for terrible words or deeds that are done, to hurt a person from a mental or physical perspective.

In our society today, there are some people who believe that he or she can say whatever he or she would like to say,no matter how vulgar, disruptive, and unprofessional it may sound to another person that he or she might be targeting with their mean and angry laced words.

Well, here are some of the excuses people use, when hateful words are spoken:

*I didn't mean what I just said - NOTE**** This phrase sounds exactly like the phrase a person uses, when he or she is physically abusing a person too. Then, the false promises rise up - "I promise I won't hit you again." When the truth of the matter is: The person should have never laid his or her hands on you in the first place.

*It is your fault, I said what I said in the first place

*You made me say those words.

* I did not intend to say that to you

*You make me so angry sometimes

*You don't understand me

NOTE*** Do just a few of those excuses seem like something you have seen or heard before in your personal or professional lives?

The inability of a person who cannot control his or her tongue, is a sign of immaturity, or just a total lack of disregard for another person's feelings.

If people would just take the time to think about, what is he or she is going to say, before he or she responds, would deter a lot of physical and verbal confrontations at best.

I for one, do not believe in saying anything cruel or mean to another person, especially people who I love in my personal lives. Some people want to justify the cruel words he or she uses, by placing blame on the person they are directing those cruel words towards in the first place.

I personally hold people in my personal and professional lives accountable, for the words he or she uses. Some people are just simply emotional, then there are some people that you see through your daily lives, who just could care less about the choice of words he or she uses

If you do not remember anything from this hub, remember what I'm about to say. Wars, divorces, business dealings, and personal relationships have been lost or fought over, just based on the cruel words that have sprang from the mouths of insensitive people in our world.

Once those cruel or mean words have been spoken, those words cannot be taken back, or undone.

Even, if you are a nice person, and you blow your top and spout off a lot of cruel words to the person you love. Guess what? You may have done, one trillion things right by that person, but that person won't remember the one trillion things you did right for him or her in the past. Guess what he or she will remember? That person will remember the last cruel word you spoke.

So here is some advise for, "How To Choose Your Words Wisely In Your Personal And Professional Lives."

* Think about what you are going to say before you say it

* Know your audience, if you are speaking on a professional level

* Write a script if necessary, and run through a series of mock presentations

*Be the bigger person, do not allow yourself to be drawn in a verbal confrontation- What Does IT Solve? I feel great when I walk away from people who are directing mean words toward me.

By walking away, you are not exhibiting a cowardly demeanor, and there is not any shame, when you walk away from a verbal confrontation. Just let that person know, that you are not going to stoop to their level, by exchanging mean words.

*Then this is what I hear so many times, when you talk to people in your professional and private life, " I'm going to get the last word!"

****NOTE***That is a very immature comment to make in the first place. I personally do not care who gets the last word

I believe that, if you are going to discuss something logically, and without a lot of emotion, give each person an opportunity to say whatever is on their minds.

Whether you get the last word or comment during the conversation, is not important, as long as the words used were not mean, and a resolution was found at best.

*If a person says something that hurt your feelings, let he or she know in a non confrontational manner

*Do not allow anybody in your life, be it personal or professional to verbally abuse or oppress you.

*Exhibit personal and professional control, when people direct cruel words towards you in your personal and professional life.

*Continual verbal abuse can lead to mental depression, if he or she allows the person spouting those cruel words towards him or her to affect them.

*Using profanity, does not help, whether it is directed towards you, or you are responding to some foul or mean words that were directed toward you. Using profanity is a sign, that the person is not intelligent.

Sometimes, people say cruel things just to feel like they must seize control of the situation, which is a misnomer at best. When cruel words are spoken, nobody wins, and a lot of respect is lost. I also found the same people that use cruel words, do not enjoy having cruel words redirected back to them. The best solution, is to not to use cruel words, when you are attempting to effectively communicate.

Remember, when cruel words are spoken , a sincere apology is mandatory at best. If it is not a sincere apology, then it is best not to be spoken, it will only acerbate the situation.

Be the bigger person, learn how to swallow your pride, or whatever inhibits you from apologizing, even if the other person was in the wrong. By apologizing, by no means, displays weakness on your part, if anything, it shows what kind of heart or character your have, and it shows that you are able to move forward, even after harsh words have been spoken.

From my perspective, trust and respect is lost, when people do not know how to control their tongues, or their emotions.

So, remember, ALWAYS choose your words wisely, in your personal and professional lives.


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    • profile image

      Fauziah Shah 

      4 years ago

      Ah..I'm visiting this page again. Yes CG, I have chanced upon this page again after so long. This topic is all the more significant now with many people so engrossed with electronic gadgets that they forget about living in the present. Most have also forgotten to be polite and to choose words wisely. I was surprised a couple of days ago when I was having lunch with a nice friend of mine when she bellowed to the waitress: ' a brash way. And when she placed her order, she was very crisp and businesslike, as if she was talking to a slave. We need to not only be mindful about what we say but also how we say it and our body language is important too.

    • CorpGiant profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Dallas Texas

      You are very welcome Spring, that's why I love to write, if I can help brighten your day, or leave you with encouragement, then I feel as though I have helped another person in this crazy world of ours. I appreciate you taking the time to read the hub page as well. Best Wishes

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hello Fauziah Shah;

      I appreciate you responding to this hubpage. Actually, you have responded twice to this one, and it is highly appreciated as well. This hub has been around for a couple of years, and I have revisited it, a little over time as well. I thank you for your kind words too. I once had a Facebook page, but I took it down. I may put myself back out there on Facebook, I will let you know, if I decide to do so.

      I totally agree with you, there's a lot of young people exhibiting this kind of behavior, yet we have people who consider themselves adults doing the same thing as well.

      There is so much hate in people, and it's not anything new, hate is an emotion that is so destructive, and pervasive in our world.

      There are times, when you will hear people say very nasty things, and then in most cases, express how much he or she may dislike or hate a person he or she is directing toward a person or persons.

      Life is too short to walk around with so much hate, and mean words that people express to others. I think it is very sad in the world, when people do not know how to have a constructive conversation with each other, rather than having a destructive one.

      You are absolutely correct, my hubpage or article does remind people to be positive minded, and WE all should always take a deep breath, and think about what we are going to say, before WE say it.

      Fauziah Shah i wish you the absolute best, take care, and I appreciate the time you took to respond to this hubpage.

      My Best Wishes To You,


    • profile image

      Fauziah Shah 

      6 years ago

      Hi there CorpGiant,

      I am from Singapore. i notice you are from Texas. i somehow associate Texas with cowboys. Are you on facebook. if you are, why dont you add me if it's ok with you.

      I actually chanced upon your article while I was googling for something (can't remember what) and I realize this thread started about two years ago! Amazing!

      And what you say about most people just remembering that one nasty remark, thereby negating all the good that was ever said or done is so true. This happens a lot with kids. As a hypnotherapist I see a lot of people who feel they're not good enough and that there is something wrong with them etc. and all this is due to subconscious programming from young. And usually when i do a regression, we discover that this early perception was formed in their childhood when someone or some people said something nasty to them. So my job is to help them get a correct perspective of what was going on, put the past behind and to move ahead with their lives in a more fulfilling way.

      if people knew how much a negative word or phrase could affect others, they would be more careful. Or rather, I would say, they should be more careful of what they say. I am sure you will agree with me on this.

      On the whole your article does just that; it reminds people to be more positive and to be careful of what they say as words are powerful.

    • CorpGiant profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Hello Fauziah Shah,

      I appreciate your comments and your compliments. I totally agree with you. A lot of what we see with people not choosing their words before he or she speaks, is just the total lack of respect or love people should have toward individuals, but yes we see it in the young and the adults.

      It is so pervasive today, that yes, the negative words people use toward each other stays and lingers. I often say, that a person can do two million things right, or say two million things right, but when that person says something abusive or negative towards another person, or people in general. All of the good that person ever did, or said in the past, was forgotten, and all that is remembered, are the abusive words that was last spoken.

      I appreciate the time you spent to comment on this hub, Thank You Very Much.

      Take care, CG

    • profile image

      Fauziah Shah 

      6 years ago

      Hi CorpGiant! I enjoyed reading your article. I agree with you totally. In fact everyone should be careful of the choice of words. For example if parents were to be more mindful of the words they use when talking to their children or when disciplining them, children would have better role models and would themselves learn how to use words appropriately. And teachers too need to be more careful what they say to their charges; they can make or break a child! And then what about doctors? They too need to toe the line and choose words carefully. All too often because of their authority status, the negative thhings they say may influence their patients adversely. So all in all, everybody needs to be mindful of how they use language; the correct choice of words is crucial for better communication and better relationships.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for this well-written article. I know it will help me in the long run in life.

    • CorpGiant profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Thanks for reading and replying "thevoice".

    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      glad to read and know thanks


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