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How To Make Compaction Curve in Excel Spreadsheet

Updated on June 30, 2012

A Step by Step Guide:

Compaction curve is necessary in interpreting the resulting data of the soil density test either done in field or in the laboratory in where you can easily see the maximum value of dry density of a soil to it's optimum water content.

Here's how to plot the curve in excel spreadsheet:

  1. Consider the resulting data below for the proctor test done in the materials testing laboratory.

2. In the “Insert” Tool, click Scatter and choose “Scatter with Smooth Line and Markers” as your chart type.

3. In “Chart Layout” Tool, select Layout 1, then Click “Select Data” Tool.

4. Select the data series from left to right as shown below and click “OK”.

5. This is how it looks.

6. Congratulations! Now you have the soil compaction curve.


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    • leakeem profile image

      leakeem 5 years ago from Earth

      Nice guide! This is very useful. Thanks for Sharing!