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How To Create The Good Son and True

Updated on May 17, 2016

A marriage does not feel complete without the presence of a child . So a lot of couples want to have children after they were first married , but it is not easy , because there are several factors that make the presence of the baby or child to be delayed . this could be due to several factors one of which destiny and other health problems.

1. Men conditions when making child (husband )

Each ejakul4si adult male can usually be sprayed or sperm 2-5 times the dose of 2-5 cc. The sperm of each cc contained 60 to 200 million spermatozoa. So when the husband's mother did ej4kulasi He will spend about 120 to 1 billion sperm.

Even in the sperm contains two genes that Gen X and Gen Y , if the mother wants to get a boy then it must be the sperm gene X should be able to survive and reach the ovum . However, while the weakness of Gen X is

- His life is not very long , it is estimated only one day

- not acid resistant , but can survive in an alkaline

- heavier specific gravity

- move swiftly Gen Y or Androsperma ; genes that affect girls. His life was moving slowly around 2 to 3 days Survived pasa "atmosphere " of acid and alkaline resistant no Weight genius ( BJ ) lighter

2.Women condition when creating child ( wife )

A woman has a cycle or fertile period commonly called ovulation , which is when the release of an egg from the ovary in the womb . By knowing this fertile period can then be used to determine how to make a boy or a girl . How to calculate the fertile period or ovulation are as follows :

- Determine the net initial date of menstruation every month , for example every 5th

- Specify the end date net ( start of menstruation ) every month , for example every 27th

formula / formula fertile period : ( ( end date ) - ( date of initial ) ) / 2 = n - Then ( n ) + ( the earliest date net ) = the fertile period of a woman calculation is as follows : ( 27-5 ) / 2 = 11 11 + 5 = 16 So every 16 days after the net that fertile period or ovulation of a woman , in other words it can be said medically in the day if husband and wife are related, likely will result in the fetus , regardless of whether it was a boy or women.


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