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How To Fly Away From Failure

Updated on April 26, 2010

We can fly away from problems and failures that bothered us everyday. The first thing you need do is to realize fully that your present ideas are not working, since they fail you. The wise saying that “the cup that is complied of the old contents is the cup that is ready to receive the fresh” is worthy of note. Be content to admit fully that your present ideas are self defeating. We should understand that as long as we live on illusions that contradict reality, we fail and suffer.

Having realized this, we should be bothered and then think out plans of finding something better. Where do we starts off this idea of something better (success)?

The best place to start your program of self-improvement is right where you are at the present moment, the very level of achievement you are now. Nature made us reward serious minded people. We like rich results and happy ending, but here are some exciting points to grasp:

- Examine your daily attitudes and view points replace those that failed to serve your best interest.

- Be active, questing, challenging and stimulated to learn- your failure in the past should be reasons for growth and not excuses for discouragement.

- Don’t allow your past to interfere with your present.

- Learn to cheerfully defy all duties that you honestly feel have no place in your day.

- Give your mind only to those thoughts, plans and feelings that are genuinely beneficial, and forget others. Be 100 percent in favor of your future success and progress.

- Stop covering errors- start correcting yourself.

- Maintain a single minded purpose towards your goal.

- Bear in mind that every man has the ability to fly away to a higher and brighter level of achievement.

- Someone may advise you, “you cannot improve your performance, you live been destined to fail”. Don’t listen to such people. Defy such advice.

In a nut-shell, all that you dream of, all that you yearn for, all that you are to be, will be within your reach if you have the power to affirm sufficiently strong, if you can focus your faculties with sufficient intentions on a single purpose. It is the concentration upon the thing you wish that brings it to you whether it is wealth, academic excellence, money or position.

Constantly affirm to your goal, hold it consistently in thought, concentrating all the powers of your mind upon it, and when the mind is positive and creative, then the desired success will come to you as certainly as a stone will come to the earth when left free in the air through the attracting influence of gravitation.

Make yourself a magnet to draw the success you wish now. Remember, a prayerless is a powerless man. Wake up from your slumber in failure to success.


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