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How to be good in studies

Updated on March 12, 2015

Learn To Make Study Funny

After thinking a lot you have decided to stop doing Internet surfing and stop updating Facebook status frequently and start studying for exams? Good!

But, for this work your need a lot of hard-work and dedication. It's a little sacrifice compared to the scoldings of parents and the giggling of your classmates!

Why are you interested in studies?

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Here We Go!

Before starting, you will have to take care of some usual businesses first.

  • If you have tuitions all the time try to get rid of some of them. "TUITION! TUITION! TUITION!!..." won't help you much. Try to get rid of the tuitions on subjects which are easy to learn! And which you can learn yourself.
  • Make some time apart from tuitions and school for study at home.
  • Avoid studying right after playing games, and vice versa. They will be as useless as a chicken's wings!!! (Except at dinner!)

Now after you have done these things, jump on your bed and shout "WOO!!" (Well, that's nothing scientific.)

Making A Study Schedule

After taking care of basic things, you will have to advance. Make a study schedule, write down what subjects you will learn and which chapters you will study. (Don't try to learn more than three chapters or they will just jumble up in your head.)

Gather All Things You Need




Time To Study

Switch all your phones off, keep all your laptops and computers away and don't forget to cleas your desk. Gather all the things you will need during study, you won't want to waste your time running around for pencils.


Sit down with eyes closed for five minutes, remove all your gaming thoughts. Try to remember what you have learnt and try to relax yourself. Then slowly open your eyes, you will feel better. You can meditate while you are relaxing, it removes stress very quickly and refreshes you with energy needed to continue studying.

Studying The Chapter

Open the chapter you want to finish and start reading it. Read it like a story for the first time. After you have done, read it again, this time try to understand what is written. Close your eyes, and try to see it as a movie. After you have done it, go and take a five minutes break.



Don't play games/do facebook/surf internet/watch T.V. during this five minutes when you are relaxing. Lay down in your bed with the room dark, and try to remember what you learnt in the chapter so far. After the break is over, get up and go to study.

Complete All The Answers


Revising The Chapter

This time, revise the chapter taking important notes, and marking important lines. After you have done so....go through them.

Take a notebook, and write down the questions and answers, one by one write all the question/answers. Then start learning them thoroughly. Do this until you think you have mastered all of them. Take a five minutes break again. (You can take soft drinks break, which is very cool!)

Relax A Little Bit


Mastering The Chapter

After five minute, come back and prepare a short test. Write down all the possible questions in a sheet. Revise the chapter, then keep the book away and solve the questions. After you have solved them, do the corrections with the help of the book. Then write the correct answers, learn them and then again solve them. "Hurray!" You have mastered the chapter! Time for a 15 minutes celebration!

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Don't play games/ watch T.V./ or things like that before or right away after study.
  • Compromise going out with friends/T.V. shows / free times for study.
  • Maintain your study schedule, to excel in your objective.
  • Always ask questions regarding the topic you did not understand to your teachers or tutors.
  • If you find yourself humming to your favorite songs or thinking about games, stop reading the book you are reading. Meditate for some time, and then continue studying.
  • Do not forget to take brakes! Your mind needs rest too!
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Sleep well. This is very important for your brain.

So you have learnt how to study when you are home. Good Job Pat!

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Very Hard Maths


Special Case: Maths

In case of maths, you can not just learn it up and write. So I am here with a different technique.

Whenever you open your maths textbook to practice sums, you are like "Oh GOD! What kind of thing is this??! It is too hard, I can not do this." but if you concentrate then it will be fun. (Well, not that much of fun.)

Starting To Do Maths

Make maths fun! When you open it, do the chapter you like. Start with your favorite chapter, so you can do them easily, so that you become confident. Once you become confident, the hard sums will also seem easy to you, it will be fascinating to you more and more. You will be more interested, you will do more practice, you will become better at it, and in exam you will get good marks.

Things to remember:

  • Maths is a tough subject, so at least take three minutes break after five sums done.
  • You need to concentrate 100% on the sum you are doing, or there is a decent chance that you will do a silly mistake and the whole sum will be wrong.
  • Write down all the required formulas, and learn them so you can do them more easily.

Taking Help Is Not Embarrassing It Is Deed Of The Smart


Take Help In Maths

If you are totally dumb in maths, and in school you can not do a single sum teacher tells then do not worry! It is common, you were not able to understand it in previous classes. Talk about it with your parents and try to get help from them, request your teacher to stay back a little and then ask him/her how to solve the problem. If you do not have courage or the teacher does not agree, then you should definitely try joining a maths tuition or hiring a private tutor (we will talk about tutors later in this hub.)

Join Tuition Or Hire A Private Tutor


Hiring Private Tutor

If you hire a private tutor, then it will be very easy for you to understand the topics which you do not understand. Private tutor is not someone whom you should be scared of and see him as a monster commanding you and you obeying him. He is there to help you in parts which you do not understand. Feel free to ask him the parts you do not understand and he will surely help you, but if he gets rude and starts screaming then it is time to replace him.

Joining Tuition Classes

I do not recommend you to join a tuition batch, but if you know the basics and there is more written work and less logical questions then it is good for you. You can just do your work yourself and take help when needed.

Note: You can take tuition under your school subject teacher if he/she offers tuition. They tend to give more marks. But, personally I think this is unfair for the students and hence I do not take tuition under a school subject teacher. If he/she is openly unfair to you then you should let your principle know about this. Usually, school does not encourage private tuitions.

Time For Exam


It Is Time For Test

It is the exam time, it will test how hard you worked and how much marks you deserve.

Prepare yourself for exams, forget entertainment completely and focus on studying. If you think that entertainment is needed then ready some jokes nothing more, or you will spoil all the days of hard work and sacrifice.

You Need Rest


Sleeping Is Very Important Form Of Rest

Have a light dinner and go to sleep earlier than usual, don't use cell phone at night. If you can't sleep then take your book and give a short revision. Revision is very important.

Things to remember:

  • Don't panic.
  • Prepare a quick revision sheet.
  • Choose the sections in question paper you know better.
  • Don't sit idle after exam. Try to remember the questions you could not do before.
  • Check for silly mistakes, they tend to cut marks a lot.
  • Sleep after exam, you have more tests coming.

Good luck Champ! You are Ready to go to your way of success!

© 2014 Tuhin Subhro Sardar


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    • Tuhin77 profile image

      Tuhin Subhro Sardar 3 years ago from India

      Thank You, your help meant a lot to me.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Good advice on how to study successfully Tuhin. You need to do some work on your English a it is obviously not your first language but the content of the hub was good. The title of one of your chapters "Medidation" should be "Meditation".

    • Tuhin77 profile image

      Tuhin Subhro Sardar 3 years ago from India

      Okay, how much?

    • profile image

      Allen Matt 3 years ago

      very nyc post. I want to hire you for my blog..

    • profile image

      morpid64 3 years ago

      Good work

    • profile image

      Teresa Matthews 3 years ago

      gr8 post, keep it up!