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5 Tips To Help You Get High Marks In Exams

Updated on February 6, 2018
Syedtayyab profile image

Tayyab has recently cleared his IGCSE exams with straight A's. He plans to help his kin from his experience of giving exams.

Exams bring a lot of burden to the student's life, the pressure from parents to perform well, the expectations of the teachers from the students, the pressure from within a person to come out on top, overworks the brain to either hit a homerun and score really well or just perform incredibly poorly. This depends on pure luck.

However, if you are like me, and do not want your future to lie on luck, then these techniques and helping tools will certainly help you to overcome your problems and relieve you from the pressure of exams. I followed these methods and tips religiously, they might be the reason for my satisfactory result.

1. Regularly Attend School

This is one of the most crucial step in achieving outstanding results like 90%. This is important because technical subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry or economics and accounting require an understanding of the concepts. These concepts are, most of the time not properly explained in the books.

That is why you need to be at your school, learning the concepts from professional teachers, they are trained and have the experience to properly clear the concepts in your mind. The teachers highlight all the important topics in class because the books, sometimes, have irrelevant information.

Attending school regularly will also force you to study the subjects that you think are very easy. Students do not pay attention to these easy subjects, in my case, I thought was English. I was way too overconfident in attempting the exams. However, I realized that I was not godly in English and tried to improve my vocabulary before it was too late.

This will also help you in your professional life, because it makes you punctual and regular in your work. It forces you onto a routine to wake up every morning, regardless of how you feel. You gain the ability to face your subordinates everyday even if you do not like them because you surely face people you do not like in school as well.

2. Make Notes During Class

If you really think about it, you are paying a teacher only for his lectures. Every possible thing about any subject is noted in many books. Its the way of communication that makes you absorb the knowledge completely.

The lectures from a teacher are the most valuable asset available to you and it is not humanly possible to remember every single explanation and example provided to clear your concepts (unless you are some genius, then again, this article is not for you). So it is highly recommended that you note everything down.

You can note down in anything you are allowed, like a register, laptop or even loose sheets. The main thing after this is to keep the notes organized in files or folders. What I encountered most of the time was that I had made notes, but I lost them by the end of the academic session, just before the final exams. So it was really frustrating but you learn from your mistakes, so did I.

Long story short:

  • You pay for lecture
  • It holds valuable explanations
  • Note them down
  • Keep them organized and sorted

3. Make A Study Schedule

This is maybe the most hard thing for a student. "Touch the books at home ? How can I do it ?", runs through every person's mind when asked to study. No matter how much you neglect or delay it, you will have to do it someday (unless you are some genius then this article is not for you). Surely, one day, exams will come and they wait for no one.

Given the pressure to score exceptionally high grades paired with 10+ subjects becomes a very hard challenge for a human mind. So a study schedule is extremely necessary. You basically divide your time to all subjects accordingly. Give more time to your weak subjects and less to your strengths, but you have to give time even if it is 10-15 minutes everyday.

This will not only relieve you of the pressure at the small time window before exams, but it will also make the regular class test and monthly tests easier to attempt without much effort. It will very difficult to complete whole syllabuses the night before a paper, not saying its not possible, but it is certainly unhealthy and unnatural.

This will, overall, teach you the skill of division of time and pre-planning. Everything becomes easier if you anticipate and prepare for it. An organized person never wastes the resources at his disposal, therefore, he is always efficient.

You are advised to use sleepytime bedtime calculator. It is an ingenious tool. It basically calculates at which time for you to sleep to wake up fresh at a specific time. This will allow you to wake up for studies with a completely fresh mind.

4. Start Preparation Of Weak Subjects Early

Nobody is perfect, means everybody has flaws and weaknesses. Similarly, all students have weak subjects in which they fail to perform well (unless you are some genius...for God's sake, why haven't you clicked off already ?). My kryptonite, in this case, was Urdu (Pakistan's national language) and Mathematics.

I could barely look these subjects in the eyes. I wish somebody had told me to start the preparation of these subjects early. I learned it the hard way, after performing poor for a steady period of time, the teachers called in my parents, who so sincerely gave me a reality check.

These weak subjects need to be addressed early because it takes time to overcome your weakness. You should be done with the syllabuses of your weak subjects before your exams approach so that you have ample time to revise, else it becomes really hard to manage your time, especially with subjects you dislike.

5. Enjoy Your School Life

Students do not notice but school life is the best time of your life. You know what they say about human nature, we only realize the importance of something after we have lost it. Do not let that happen to you. Do not get crushed under the pressures.

Exams and studies is an ongoing process, it never really ends. In the end, you never really look back on your grades, you look back on the memories and friendships that you had in school. Granted that grades are important but this is as equal as that.

Do not worry too much, sometimes, bunk a class. Missing one class will not kill you or jeopardize your results. It is essential to have fun in school, you need a thing to look for in the morning. The choice is on you, you can either leave with regrets or memories that you will cherish till the end.

These were only some of the ways that I learned from experience, that allowed to bring a result that satisfied me interally. In the end, it all comes down to hard work and determination. You need a clear aim and goal to strive for. You will need balance in your school life, just like it is needed in any other aspect of life, you will need to draw a line between fun with friends etc. and studies, extreme of either will affect you in a negative way. Be careful with your choice. Your future, to some extent, depends on it.


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    • Rida123456Rida profile image

      Rida Zafar 3 months ago from Pakistan

      thank you sir

    • Syedtayyab profile image

      Syed Tayyab Abbas 3 months ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      @Rida I suggest you do combined studies with a friend who has prepared for the exams. It will help you utilize your limited time efficiently. The friend will be able to highlight all the important topics so that you won't have to waste time in skimming irrelevant information.

    • Rida123456Rida profile image

      Rida Zafar 3 months ago from Pakistan

      sir i am a university student . i am a teacher also . it is much difficult for me to carry my study and job together. can you please give me some suggestion that what i should to do. mid term exams are much near and i have no preparation:(