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How To Move Forward With Your Life When You Lose Your Job

Updated on January 14, 2010

How To Move Forward With Your Life When You Lose Your Job

How To Move Forward With Your Life When You Lose Your Job

During this era, if you are employed in the corporate workplace, you may experience, being laid off, or just plain fired, or maybe your job will be outsourced, which is a topic I would rather not discuss at this time on this page.

If you are laid off or fired, it is not the end of the world, the sky is not falling, do not go and drink yourself into a coma, or leap off a bridge.

Whenever you are laid off or fired, you will experience a huge number or range of emotional responses, from sadness, anger, resentment, anxiety, self guilt, etc.

Start off by reasoning with yourself. There is not a need for you to go and see a counselor, unless you are contemplating killing yourself. Which I think is total nonsense. Why would you go and kill yourself, just because you lost a job?

You can get another job, but you can't get another you, even if somebody was to clone you, it would not be you.

As I stated, you can always find another job, or go into business for yourself, just as I have done.

So here are the tips:

*Move on with your life:

*Whether you were laid off or fired, as long as you know you did a great job, and you were accountable, take the self pity and self guilt baggage and toss it in the garbage. Matter of fact, take all of those negative emotions and toss them in the garbage too.

*Don't contact your previous employer inquiring about any future openings, chances are, even if you did a great job, they may not, and I use the term, may not loosely, hire you back. If you were not fired, and as long as you did not burn any bridges, be professional, and accept their decision, move on with your life.

Let them contact you, if they are interested with regards to bringing you back into the fold. You remain professional, and ask if your previous employer would not be opposed to providing other prospective employers you are seeking out, with a nice job reference, or ask your previous employer to write you a referral letter, that works as well.

If you were fired from your previous employer, none of the above would be applicable

*The above definitely would not be applicable to you, if you did a lousy job. I do not have to list all of the reasons why people get fired on this topic, but if it was due to lousy job or lazy job performance, or if you were a distraction to others, or you violated a policy, whereby the employer released you, it was possibly in the best interest for the company.

Remember this: Companies, ALWAYS do what is in the best interest for the company, so always remember that, even if you did a great job, and was just laid off, because the company had economic woes, never take, the decisions that the people in those companies make personal.

Yes, there will be times, when you absolutely have done an excellent job, but was released, because of reasons, other than the ones, I have mentioned above. If an employer released you, and you were doing a great job, it is their loss, and another employer will benefit from your experience and expertise. So smile and bid that employer best wishes, and find yourself another job.

Always remember too, that you are always in the drivers seat of your life, whether you believe this or not. You have control over your life and the direction you must take, to get beyond the fact that you lost your job.

*Pour creative and productive energy into your life, find positive things to do, and positive people to talk to, learn to network with people in your career field

*Always remain positive

*If you do not want to remain in your current career field, change careers, it is never too late to do that, make that career change ASAP!

*Find something that you enjoy doing, and ascertain, if you can get paid doing it

*Do not even think about or entertain in your mind boozing(drinking alcohol), or taking drugs to minimize the pain, that you may have felt, after the job loss. Once the alcohol is gone, and the drugs are gone, you will still have to deal with the issues, of deciding, what are your next steps, or plans.

*There are 15.5 million people who are unemployed, and I would guess, there are at least over a million, people in our country alone, who have just stopped looking for a job. I know there are some people in the country, who have been searching for a job longer than a year. That within itself, can be very discouraging at best. YOU can always turn something negative in your life, into something positive.

Congress says, the Average nantional unemployment rate is little over 9% or 10% percent, I beg to differ, I believe it is more like 10-15% percent.

*If you have money saved, or you received severance pay, take a little money, and take a break from your daily routine, especially if you have been actively looking for a job, leave your home town, or locale and go on a nice vacation, something not too expensive

*Revise your resume, and cover letter

*When actively searching for a job, do not just blast your resume out to millions of corporations, devise a plan for which corporations you would like to target, and submit your resume to those targeted corporations for consideration for a position.

*Be confident with your experience and the expertise you have gained, when you worked for your previous employer, or just be confident with the experience you have gained overall.

There's a difference between being arrogant, and confident. If you do not exhibit confidence in your experience and expertise, corporations will hesitate, when the time comes for them to decide, whether they should hire you, or the other male or female applicants. Always keep that in the back of your mind, when you are applying for a job, whether you are on an interview, be it in person or over the telephone.

*When you are called for a interview, be prepared, know the history of the corporation, and, "Good Grief", be on time for your interview, at least 45 mins early if at all possible.

*Do not allow any employer or job placement company or recruiter to waste your valuable time, know what type of job you are seeking, and go get it. Remember, time is money, and money is time!

*If you had an interview, send the person(s) who interviewed you a "Thank You" letter or email, and be sure to notate in that letter or email, why you think you are the best person for the job.

Last but not Least, do not think it is the end of the world for you, just because you do not have a job, as I have stated before, you can always find, another job, start your own business, or embark on a different career path.

Remember, you always have options in your life, NEVER ALLOW ANYBODY TO PLACE LIMITATIONS ON YOUR LIFE!

So, go get that NEW job, or start your own business. Good Luck!!


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