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How To Prevent and Get Rid of Cold Sores

Updated on October 25, 2014

Cold Sore Infection

Cold sore shown on the lip of an unknown individual, public domain.
Cold sore shown on the lip of an unknown individual, public domain. | Source

What is A Cold Sore?

Also known as oral herpes, I know that sounds so horrible, cold sores are a collection of small bumps in the oral region caused by the herpes simplex virus. They are also know as fever blisters. Cold sores are typically red and can become very painful depending on the severity of the outbreak. I have gotten these nasty little bumps around my lower lip since my late teens and this how I combat this nuisance that always seems to pop up around fall when I get a stuffy nose.

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How To Prevent Cold Sores?

Preventing cold sore is all about your insides and stress management.

For your body to fight of the virus it needs vitamins and nutrients. These can come in the form of food of coarse so eating a healthy and balance diet can help out a lot in prevention of cold sores.

Stress management is crucial because when the body is stressed, it has a harder time fighting off virus and disease. Make sure you get enough sleep and take some time each day to quietly relax, even if it is only for a few moments.

There are also two supplements that I like to take to prevent cold sore from popping up around my mouth. These are L-Lysine and Vitamin E.


L-Lysine is an essential amino acid your body needs for various things including immune system health. The key to keeping away cold sores is a healthy immune system. Typically found in red meat and other proteins, this acid is crucial to proper immune health. T

his is why I take 1000mg of this supplement everyday.

A friend in high school told me about it and I have been using it ever since. I have also convinced other people I know to add this supplement to their diet and their results have also been positive. When we keep up on our L-Lysine daily, we don't have a problem with cold sores.

L-Lysine Skeletal Structure

L-Lysine Molecular Structure -- public domain
L-Lysine Molecular Structure -- public domain | Source

What Happens If I Get Lazy With My Prevention Regimen?

This means you have probably developed a cold sore, or that you may develop one in the future if you don't start taking the preventative supplements again.

If this happens and a cold sore develops you will then have to treat the cold sore from inside your body and outside of your body. I recommend taking the supplements listed above while you try some of the other external remedies I have listed below.

Vitamin E

Taken internally, Vitamin E has so many positive benefits. Even if you don't get cold sores I recommend it as a supplement because it not only helps your outside appearance like skin and nails, it also help with tissue reconstruction on the inside of your body and has benefits for your heart and your brain. Vitamin E is essential in the creation of new cells and when your body is given a boost of this vitamin, it helps your skin heal noticeably faster.


I really like Abreva and I have used it many times. Though I feel the natural cures work best, sometimes it is too much to smear Vitamin E or Vanilla Extract on your face. Particularly when you have to be at your job all day or running your daily errands. It is FDA approved to shorten the healing time of your cold sore. Who can argue with that? Though it is a little pricey, it's worth it to have a treatment that fits discreetly in your pocket. One tube can last a long time. Mine usually expires before I finish it all.

Make A Cup of Tea

Make a cup of tea because that little tea bag is going to help rid you of your cold sore blues.
Make a cup of tea because that little tea bag is going to help rid you of your cold sore blues. | Source

Tea Bags

A tea bag from a warm, fresh cup of tea will help take a lot of the pain out of your cold sore and help speed up the healing process. The tannin in the tea work to combat the virus. Tannin is both antibacterial and antibacterial so this can really help with defeating your cold sore.

The only problem with this remedy is it requires a lot of time with a tea bag sitting on your face. If you have nothing to do and you don't want your cold sore, this is a worth while experience.

Once using tea bags I was able to get rid of my cold sore completely in two days. I caught it right at the beginning and it barely had a chance to form before the tannin in my tea bag destroyed it.

Pure Vanilla Extract

This is the only remedy on this page that I have not tried myself but I do have quite a few friends that swear by Vanilla Extract to get rid of their cold sores. If I had to make an educated guess as to how or why this works, I am guessing it has something to do with the alcohol found in the extract. This will help keep the area clean and free from infection would can make the disappearance of your cold sore take way longer than it needs to. Because we are dealing with the area around the mouth, it is probably better than rubbing alcohol for keeping the area clean. If it is licked my accident, it is better to get a mouth full of vanilla rather than a mouth full of rubbing alcohol.

Vitamin E

I know Vitamin E shows up on this list twice but that's because it is that awesome. This time you are going to use the Vitamin E capsule topically on your skin. You do this by poking a hole in the capsule and then smearing it all over the area you would like to see heal up quick. It has never done be wrong and I also use this vitamin on my acne scars. Some people have reported a sensitivity to topical Vitamin E so I do suggest trying a little bit in a not so sensitive are before you slather the oil from your Vitamin E gelcap all over your face. I, again, have never experienced this or have heard of it personally but have read reports of it online. Just trying to keep everyone safe.

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      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I'm glad I stopped in here. I didn't know there was anything out there to help rid yourself of a coldsore. I will try the teabag method next time. Thanks!