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How To Convert 12Volt DC Into Thousands Of Volts Using A TV Flyback Transformer

Updated on July 20, 2012


In this hub you will learn how to make a flyback transformer driver in order to make it capable of doing the job of a Tesla coil which is producing an output voltage of thousands of volts! than can travel from positive to negative for a distance of 2.5-3 Cm from an input voltage of about 12 volts dc.

Things that you will need for this are:

1-A flyback transformer,It can be found in old TV’s and CRT monitors.

flyback transformer

2-A magnet wire,it can be found in transformers’ coils.

Magnet Wire

3-A power NPN transistor mounted on a heat sink,we used this model.

NPN Power Transistor

4-A resistance of 240 ohms.

240 Ohm

5-A resistance of 27 ohms.

27 Ohm

6-A fast diode.


7-Connection wires.

Connection Wires

8-A 12 volt DC source.

12V DC Source

9-Two steady poles for the electrons to travel between them,This was made out of ping pong net holders and a dozen of disks.


1-Make a five-turn feedback coil on the transformer out of the magnet wire,The turns must be the same direction as they are in the video.
2-Identify the primary coil on the transformer’s pins as in the video,The primary pins are shorted together and that can be noticed using an ohmmeter.
3-Connect the circuit as following.

Flyback Transformer Circuit Diagram

Final results:

the video:


The voltage produced in this experiment is in thousands of volts and it could cause major injuries,You are not advised to try this at home!.


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    • profile image

      Joel 2 years ago

      This is more or less a tiny flyback driver circuit. This user makes his own feedback coil with the help of the cds and the use of a spare NPN transister and some resistors. But one can simply use any flyback driver circuit such as those 5$ battery operated handheld bug zappers. Simply remove the tiny circuit board and identify the capacitor. Remove it as this is part of the circuit that converts these high frequency pulses to filtered DC. We want to tap into the pulsed DC and feed this into the high voltage flyback primary. Also look for a diode and remove that as well. Also near the capacitor should be a loading resistor. Remove this as well. Very easy 2 min mod. Then on the + side of where the capacitor was, Jumper this to the high voltage flyback primary positive. And just before where the diode used to be, Take a moment to look at where the diode was to make sure you have the right side or else you wont get any voltage obviously since the diode is gone. Jumper this to the negative of the high voltage flyback transformer, With this method using a single 1.5 volts DC battery can produce very close to this voltage and these very same sparks!

      The output of the CRT flyback transformer in these types of circuits are of high frequency pulsed DC something that is very close to AC. But CRT flybacks have a built in diode so, We get a half bridge. So this high voltage is a form of DC. If you would want to make it clean simply jumper the flyback high voltage output into a high voltage capacitor and you got yourself a very very high voltage DC power supply! Not my circuit but I hope it answers some questions.

    • profile image

      fnan bereket 2 years ago

      it's very good invention but i have some didn't tell us about its watt and its output is dc or ac?

      please give me your advanced answer

    • profile image

      bhavesh 3 years ago

      can u plesae explain how transistor is going on and off

    • profile image

      Gul Ahmad Nazari 3 years ago

      Hi dear!

      This was great. I have a friend who prepares and make electrical transformers/stabilizers. For those different productions, he needs CRT® Type: JQX-62F-250F Volt:12VDC Made in China or another country. If you can help me to find out a company/fabric for contact and contract in this regard we will appreciate you deeply.

      Best wishes

      Gul Ahmad Nazari

      Herat, Afghanistan