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The Story Of Adolf Hitler WW 2

Updated on August 14, 2013

Klara and Alios Hitler

Parents of Adolf Hitler
Parents of Adolf Hitler | Source

Adolf Hitler Baby Picture

Adolf Hitler looked so innocent and pure
Adolf Hitler looked so innocent and pure | Source

Paula Hitler

Adolf Hilters sister Paula survived World War 2 and died in 1960 under the assumed name Paula Wolf, She Shared her brothers Nationalist beliefs and during WW2 She worked as a secretary in a military hospital.
Adolf Hilters sister Paula survived World War 2 and died in 1960 under the assumed name Paula Wolf, She Shared her brothers Nationalist beliefs and during WW2 She worked as a secretary in a military hospital. | Source

The Birth of Evil

On the 20th of April 1889 in the tiny village of Brannau in Austria a son was born to Customs official Alios and his wife Klara Hitler.

One of 5 children born to Alios and Klara, Adolf and his younger sister Paula were the only siblings that survived to adulthood.

Alios Hitler was a hard working man and through his diligence and hard work, climbed the ladder to become a senior customs official, This meant that he spent little time at home with his family, leaving Klara to raise the children alone.

Klara was a loving and caring mother although some would say too much so, short of wrapping the children in cotton wool.

At primary school Adolf was a model pupil, he scored well in exams and his leadership qualities were second to none The teachers believed he had a great academic future ahead of him. This all changed though when he went to secondary school though, when he realised that he wasn't top of the class all of the time his attitude changed and he stopped trying.

His parents were unhappy at his attitude towards his education, having high hopes for their son, but all attempts by them and his teachers to change his attitude failed.

Although Adolf didn't care about academics he did have a love for history and one of his early hero's was the first Chancellor of the German Empire Otto Von Bismark.

His main passion was art and when he told his father that he was going to become an artist instead of following in his footsteps the relationship between them began to break down.

Alios Hitler died when Adolph was 13 in 1903.

Adolf Hitler continued to do badly in school and at the age of 15 he failed all of his exams miserably, Rather than go back to school he persuaded his mother Klara to allow him to leave without any qualifications.

Klara Hitler Died when Adolf was 16 in August 1907.

Lance Corporal Hitler

Adolf Hitler was decorated for bravery twice during WW1 but he never rose above the rank of Lance Corporal
Adolf Hitler was decorated for bravery twice during WW1 but he never rose above the rank of Lance Corporal | Source

World War 1

After the death of his mother Adolf and his sister Klara had a little money from their parents estates and with some assistance from the state they stayed together until Adolf turned 18 years old and he decided to leave.

He signed over the remains of the estate to Klara and headed for Vienna doing odd jobs for people on the way, such as gardening, carpet beating and painting.

Having been rejected Twice by the Vienna academy of Fine Arts, Hitler became bitter and began to blame the Jews for being the source of Europe's woes.

Hitler survived his time in Vienna until he was 25 years old and in 1914 when Germany went to war he enlisted into the German army.

Hitler proved to be a good soldier during The Great War and although he never rose above the rank of Lance Corporal he was decorated twice for bravery.

At Ypres in 1918 Hitler suffered permanent damage to his eyes during a gas attack, his sight was severely restricted and and it was during his recuperation from this injury that Adolf Hitler decided to become a politician, a decision that would change the world forever.

Mein Kampf (My Struggle)

Hitler Wrote Mein Kampf When He Was in Prison
Hitler Wrote Mein Kampf When He Was in Prison | Source

Rudolph Hess

After serving time in Prison with Hitler Hess Became deputy leadr of the Nazi Party
After serving time in Prison with Hitler Hess Became deputy leadr of the Nazi Party | Source

The Nuremberg Rallies

Hitler and Goering at the Nuremberg Rally 1928

Hitler was a great speech maker, he really understood how to get a crowd of people excited.
Hitler was a great speech maker, he really understood how to get a crowd of people excited. | Source

The Birth of The Nazi Party

Three years after the end of The Great War in 1920 Adolf Hitler joined a little known group called The German Workers party, he quickly rose through the ranks and took control of the party.

In 1923 he changed the name of the party from The German Workers Party to The National Socialist German Workers Party, which when shortened became the Nazi Party. with the name Changed he also set up the SA, a gang of Ex servicemen who forced the party's message onto the street with violence.

Hitler made plans for an uprising to overthrow the Bavarian Government as a prelude to an assault on Berlin the attempt failed miserably and the consequences meant that Adolf Hitler spent the whole of 1924 in prison.

Mein Kampf (My Struggle)

While in prison Adolf Hitler met Rudolph Hess and they became friends, Hitler dictated his book Mein Kampf to Hess who put it down onto paper for him, In the book Hitler wrote about his contempt for democracy, his hatred of the Jews and Slavs and his determination to seize Lebensraum. (Living space), in Eastern Europe for the German and Aryan Master race.

On leaving prison Rudolph Hess became the deputy leader of the Nazi Party.

Learning from his mistake from the Munich debacle, Hitler resolved to destroy Democracy using Parliamentary means.

Nuremberg Rallies

Hitler assembled a devoted group of his followers including Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goering, Ernst Rohm and Heinrich Himmler to stage Propaganda events such as the Nuremberg rallies.

In a series of high speed tours Hitler Woo'd the German nation, with his stirring speech making, promises of a new and Mighty Germany rising from the ashes of the old.

Hitler Knew just what the German people wanted to hear and he used this fact to his advantage,He exploited the myth that the German army had been stabbed in the back in 1918 and claimed that they could have won the war if the "Feeble politicians had not surrendered". The truth was in-fact that Germany surrendered on the advice of the High Command although most people thought otherwise.

Hitler also spoke out about the Versailles Peace Treaty another subject close to the heart of most of the German people, he said it was stopping any chance of a German recovery. and because they took some territory from Germany and the cost of reparation payments, that their once great nation Germany was turning into a second class nation.

According to Hitler The Weimar Republic established in 1919 ruled Germany in the interests of a "Jewish-Capitalist-Communist conspiracy"

Business leaders considered Hitler as a Bulwark against the left, The poor and the unemployed were looking for a target to blame for their situation and the Jews became their scapegoat and were blamed for all of Germany's problems.

The Great Depression in 1929 brought the Nazi party more followers and in the election of 1930 The Nazi Party became the second largest party in the Reichstag.

Two years later in 1932 with almost 6 million Germans unemployed The Nazi party became the state's largest party. Hitler was 2 months away from achieving his political dream.

Ernst Rohm

Ernst Rohm Killed on The Night of the Long Knives
Ernst Rohm Killed on The Night of the Long Knives | Source

Night of the Long Knives

Paul Von Hindenburg

After the death of Hindenburg, Hitler declared himself Fuhrer and head of state.
After the death of Hindenburg, Hitler declared himself Fuhrer and head of state. | Source


In the spring of 1934 Hitler began hearing from the SS and the Gestapo that the leaders of the SA were planning to overthrow him, as it turned out the reports were fake although Hitler did believe that the reports were true.

2.5 million strong The SA and Rohm with some of its other leaders had been talking about the need for a second Socialist revolution proposed that the Regular army, the SS, and the SA should all be under the same ministry of defence with of course Rohm at its head.

By common consent it was time for the "Untrustworthy" SA to be cut down to size.

The Night of the Long Knives

In the early hours on the morning on June 30th 1934 in Munich, SS officers entered the Hotel room where Ernst Rohm was sleeping dragged him out of bed and hustled him into jail, He was apparently offered the chance of suicide to which he is reported to have said "Let Adolf do it if he wants me killed." 2 of the SS officers killed him there and then.

That night and over the rest of the weekend many more SA leadersand some political oponents of Hitler were murdered, there were hundreds if not thousands of deaths that weekend.

It was a mark of Hitlers dominance that although these events were well publicised that there was no public outcry either from the church,the press,the military or even The Nazi part itself.

In Parliament Hitler defended his actions by making light of the fact that Ernst Rohm was a homosexual.

The immediate gain for Hitler after the purging was an assurance to the Army's Officer Corps, that the SA no longer posed threat to them and Hitler gained some badly needed support from them.

Hitler received a Telegram from Chancellor Paul Von Hindenburg after the Night of the Long Knives "You have saved the German People from a great peril, He who wishes to make History must be able to shed Blood."

Hitler Comes to Power 1933

Self Proclaimed Fuhrer after the death of Hindenberg.
Self Proclaimed Fuhrer after the death of Hindenberg. | Source

How Did Hitler Use Power

Hitler took The office of Chancellor in January 1933 and he established his rule ruthlessly over the next 5 years, he crushed all sources of potential opposition and famously said " No statesman in the world who,with greater right than I, can say that he is representative of his people."

By 1937 Unemployment had dropped from 6 million down to 1 million, thanks to conscription a major investment the arms industry, and a major programme of public works like road building, Hitler transformed the country, The army went from having 100,000 men to a mighty fighting force of over 1 million, which was in breach of the Versailles treaty and a kick in the teeth to Britain and France.

Hitler Began taking back territory including that of the Rhineland in 1936 and with the absorption of Austria and Czech Sudetenland into the Reich in 1938 provoking feeble protests from the Western powers.

At this time Hitler and The Nazi Party continued with their obsessive anti-Jewish campaign which would soon come to the most evil conclusion the world has ever known called "The Final Solution"


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