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How did the months and Week-days get their Names?

Updated on November 16, 2011

How Did the Months And Days Get Their Names?

How did the months get their name?

Every month has a Roman name. January is called after Janus, the Roman God of doors and gates. February is the month of the goddess Februa. It is also a Roman period of purification: March is named after Mars, the great god of war. April is derived from the word "Aperire", to open. This is the month when the flowers blossom. May is after Maia, the mother of Mercury. Maia was the Roman goddess of Spring and growth. June is after Juno, Roman goddess of marriage. July is named after Julius Caesar, a Roman general, statesman, and historian,; the hero of the Shakespear's play of the same name. August takes its names from the Roman emperor Augustus (63 B.C. - 14 A.D.). The next four months, September, October, November and December were the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth months of the old Roman year.

How did days of week get their names?

Sunday is named after Sun and Monday after the Moon. Tuesday is called after Tiw, the Scandinavian god of war. Wednesday is the day of god Woden. Woden was Anglo-Saxon chief of gods, the god of war, and founder of art and culture. Thursday is after Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Friday is named after the goddess Frigga; wife of Woden and the goddess of marriage. Saturday is named after Saturn, the Roman god of harvest: said to have civilized the people of Italy by instructing them in agriculture.


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