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How do homeschoolers know what to teach?

Updated on September 21, 2011

what do homeschooling parents know what to teach their children?

Wow! Is that a mouthful there. Well, I wish I had a simple answer but there isn't one. The nation has standards, your state has standards, you have standards. The last one is probably why you're homeschooling to start with. Keep in mind homeschooling is not like the bad old days you went through with a bricks and mortar school. you don't always have to have english at 9 am. Do what works for you and especially your child and feel free to tweak it till it does work.

Make sure you know your states laws and rules and legistations adn all that before getting in. Some states have laws so ridiculous that it may be easier to move. That was a joke. But seriously find out what is required for going into and coming out of each grade. I believe World Book has a list of required skills for each grade. or you could google it. Now don't take what Little Jimmy down the block is doing as a judge of what Little Bobby should be. Each kid is different. Not all kids can hold a pencil for 30 minutes. Not all kids can tie their shoes or ride their bikes by 5. Your kid is unique just like everyone else.

Figure out how your kid learns. Can he sit still to listen to a story then write a report? Or does he bounce up and down in his sit and barely listen but is all ears when he gets to touch it smell it feel it love it? That alone can save you so much trouble. Once you find out how your child learns you can taylor pretty much any curriculum around that.

So which curriculum? Again what works for you? Are you Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan? Religious but not looking for that aspect of school? Again google it. There SonShine, Abeka, Oak Meadow, K12, Connections Academy. Not to mention all the game websites, worksheet sites, and books.

Did you want to stick with English, Math, Social Studies etc. or did you want to try unit studies where you learn about dinosaurs, cars, england, the Civil War for a week or more and weave the core studies into the lessons. For kids with some learning issues that may be a really good way to get some skills taught because you can pick the subjects that interest them the most and your still teaching reading writing and arithmetic. Pretty cool.

I guess what I'm trying to say is unless you happen to be a teacher and your kid is in the exact grade you teach you're not really goign to know what to teach until you look it up and test it out. trying new thigns is what got you here in the first place. and trust me the further into homeschooling you get the more new things you try. Some yuo'll like some you won't.

Hope this helps.


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