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How do we know we are living in the multiverse?

Updated on April 7, 2016
We are living in a "multiverse"
We are living in a "multiverse"

The existence of the parallel universe appears to be a concept that is familiar with the works of science fiction than real life, but the idea of "multiverse" has long been considered a likely may occur, although it is still subject to cause quite a lot of controversy in the academic world. Outstanding issue now is finding evidence, anything that can prove that the universe is existence.
To remember that the most perspective, the universe is not a theory, in fact, it is the consequence of the current understanding of physics. Between the two concepts is a long distance. This idea does not suddenly came up from nowhere, instead, it comes from the modern theory as theory of strings and quantum physics.

We are living in a "multiverse"?
Analyze the multiverse
You may have heard about the Schrödinger's cat experiment, experiments on a cat is locked in the iron chest, along with the following device (that cat could not impact on): a pipe count Geiger and a sample of radioactive material as small as the level within an hour only 50% probability it emits a beam of radiation. If there are pipes, emit radiation count Geiger will receive the signal and dropping a hammer smashing toxic hydrocyanic acid potion is located in the iron chest, and cats will die. If within one hour still have no radiation output, the cat will still live. The wave function of the system is the superposition of all cat status live and dead cats and superposition State both have the same amplitude.

Schrödinger's cat experiments showed that two States can occur, from fake thuyệt that most of the universe is in place.
The State of the cat, described by the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, is the superposition of the living and the dead, until that person opens the Ark out of view. But according to intuition, in the macro world, the cat can only in either the State or the lives or dies.
However, according to the theory of multiverse, every event is the branch point. Life and death status of the cat lies on two branches of the universe, the two CLADES were real, but do not interact with each other. Both this State, whether living or dead, we can only observe a unique status. Can we accept that all of these possibilities are true, and they exist in a universe of multiple models cosmology.
Wire theory
The doctrine is the doctrine promises much potential for consolidation in the gravity theory and the theory of quantum mechanics. This is incredibly difficult, because gravitational very difficult to describe on the micro scales such as Atomic and subatomic-the main components of quantum science.
But with the wired theory, the theory that all the particles are formed from the direct line, it is capable of describing all the forces of nature, including gravity, electromagnetic force, and nuclear power.

10 dimensional space? Human limits still not able to discover the mystery of the universe.
However, the mathematical theory of chemistry to wire, it needs at least 10 dimensions of space while we have only four dimensions: length, width, depth and time. If this theory is true, the remaining dimension is the question need to find answers.
To be able to use this theory to explain physical phenomena, the dimension is said to have been "compressed" by bend different ways, so that they become too boy with the eyes of ordinary people.Perhaps, at a certain point in this four-dimensional space, always exist in six other dimensions that we have not yet realized?
However, the question arises: should we stand in where in the endless possibilities of multiverse model? The theory of the wire does not offer any prediction mechanism would, therefore, we could not test it. However, the idea of the formation of the universe will probably bring up possible answers.
Models Cosmology stub
During the period of the universe, even before the Big Bang explosion, the universe underwent a period of increasing expansion. This dilation at first was launched primarily to explain the homogeneous temperature in the universe that we are observing.
However, this theory also predicted about a strip of oscillating heat around this balance point, and this prediction was then verified by observations from the spacecraft as the Cosmic Background Explorer, Wilkison Microwave Anisotropy Probe, or PLANCK.

The Big Bang explosion 13.7 billion years ago occurred formed the universe today.
The details of this theory are still the subject of debate is quite hot, however, the expansion of the universe is approved relatively spacious. According to that, somewhere in this universe will still exist in these parts still continue to expand.


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