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How does the Moon Moves?

Updated on September 5, 2009

How does the Moon moves?

The Moon does not always look the same shape. Sometimes it seems perfectly round. Other times it look like a banana.

The moon goes round the Earth. It takes about a month to go round once. The moon is lit by the Sun. Only the half of it facing the sun is brightly lit. The rest of it is dark. As the moon travels round us, we see different amounts of the brightly lit part. When the moon is one the other side of the sky to the Sun, we see it fully lit. We call this Full Moon. Sideways on, it is half lit. When it is nearly in line with the Sun, we see only a thin slice of lit-up Moon. This is called a crescent. When we cannot see the Moon at all it is called the New Moon. All the different shapes of the Moon are called its phases. As the moon goes round the Earth, the Earth is travelling round the Sun. The moon goes round the earth 13 times in the year the Earth takes to go round the Sun.


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      Lovie 4 years ago

      Very well organized great passage

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      Thohida 4 years ago

      I Love the moon. Very good. Because we can learn something in the moon. That's why i love the moon.

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      U Fail

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      i love your moons and every thing ells