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How intelligent are dolphins and whales

Updated on July 2, 2012

Do you think dolphins and whales are really smarter than humans

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Dolphins are so smart that it has been documented that dolphins have actually helped fisherman catch fish by herding the fish actually for the fisherman. This has been a particular impressive trait of the bottle nose dolphin.

The shallows of florida bay have shallow fish, when the tide resedes a female dolphin will easily wait and then beat her tale to stir up the dirt, and this will create a v shape wall of mud, which means that the fish are directed up towards the fisherman, this helps the fisherman and the dolphin young to catch more. The dolphins actually teach their offspring the methods too. Their use of the technique shows and proves that dolphins are creative, and very intelligent.

They are obviously not only very beautiful creatures, they are very smart too.

Their cousins are the killer whales, and these whales have lots of dolphin intelligence worn off on them. They like to capture large collections of fish. The whales also like to catch herring in deep waters and this is accomplished by an ingenious hunting strategy.

They have organised themselves into a pack, which has even been named, and studied by scientists. They usually hunt together very aggressively. Its usually a team of 5-6 of these whales that come together to hunt, and make no mistake, they are a deadly force among the waves. Gracefully moving along the ocean towards the shoreline, which holds the key for their particular idea. They listen to the herring mating calls, and watch for the bubbles that are produced by the herrings. They can also observe the seagulls and listen to the noise that the gulls make to pinpoint their prey. The huge collections of herring are easily devoured by the group, and although scientists have studied them, they are still unsure if they use any other methods to pin point their prey, but they can at least confirm these methods that they are using.

Each of the whales has a crucial part to play in the capture. It has taken scientists hours to learn that there are herders which trap the collections of fish. They then have a single whale that blasts a huge sound below the fish, and the fish swim upwards towards the ring leader, who has created a bubble net, that traps the fish, before they then burst through the surface, eating all the prey.

This method allows then to catch upto half a ton of herring a day.

Some killer whales will also hunt small seal lions, and pack them into a small iceberg, were the seal lion will be stranded and exhausted too much to escape. The sea lions will be picked off quickly, or over a long period of time, depending on the hunger of the killer whales at the time.

Both killer whales and dolphins will team up to help each other complete goals, and reach conclusions that are not normally done by other animals.

Dolphins are actually intelligent enough to look into mirrors and recognise that they are looking at themselves. They normally examine the mirror to figure out if it is another dolphin, but what they do that really amazes scientists. They actually test their behaviour and watch for it on the mirror.


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    • Teylina profile image


      7 years ago

      A matter close to my heart and this is a very good hub. Thanks for some of the lesser-known points you've made!


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